Hi, folks. I bet you all haven't read my first suggestions about the Promise yet; The Promise Finale - Acenglished! And now, we've the official graphic novel, and we all have read it. No? Try by typing "The Promise Part Three online" on Google, and you'll get it.

First, this is about the review. Not suggestions anymore. If you're going to find suggestions, click the link above.

I will begin this with reviewing the dream.


Thunder and lightning.

Two ghosts behind them.

Really? I think it's not a kids-TV series anymore because Gene Yang put two ghosts there; children will screaming and crying all over night!


A good side, a bad side.

Just like Olympic medal, life has two sides: the good one and the bad one.

Roku: Kill him!

Ozai: Prove me that you're my son!

[Aang kills Zuko. Fades to credit.]

No! BUT yes, Roku is agreeing to kill his own great-grandson, and Ozai let Zuko to fight back. But, both of them aren't they. They aren't their descendants. Aang, praises his nation-philosophy, and Zuko has got confused as he's new in Fire Lord-thingy. They both take advice in a wrong way. Yes, Roku is his adviser until the end of the series, but sometimes, the real adviser is the tea-maker. Iroh is the wisest person in the world; until the end of his life. I think.

Ursa is crying? She wants to tell Zuko, remembering that he's also his descendants. Why? Ursa perhaps, giving Zuko more peace, quiet, and harmony if he's with her.

Going through the novel, it's just a dream. But it remembering me about Zuko and Aang's life.


Aang and Katara are going to tell everyone in Yu Dao about the war; but they, most of they are refused. Yu Dao resistance, led by Kori Morishita, with earthbenders and firebenders-power, are going to fight the both side. So, we have a new side of medal. Can you imagine a medal with 3 sides? No! But, it happens in The Promise. Aang busted Kori and Sneers, a couple from two nations. They remembering Katara about one of a deep, famous story in another world; A Bird Could Love a Fish! Katara remembers that she's Water Tribe; while Aang is Air Nomad. But he's the Avatar, right?

Aang meets the colony; they are in both side. It disenchants Aang that they're not to anyone. They are they. What if Kori back to Fire Nation; she will get away from Sneers, and her whole family too. That's what Gene Yang wants to say; Colony aren't to everyone. They are they.

Before take the war ends, another disturber came; a group of bald-girls with arrows. What's this? I, from my inner heart, respect their job, but the arrow, is a sacred heritage! But meanwhile, I also hate Aang's responds to them. I'm neutral on this.


Zuko is avoiding his past lives' habits come back; doing what they did. If Ozai was there, Zuko knows that he'll doing same by sending the troops. The realism-side of the graphic novel enhances here. By got confused, Zuko gives me a believable story. Good job here.

A water-icy-coldy-steps? What a cool feature! I love to know that Katara (or Aang) creates a new style of waterbending; the ice steps. That move will be as strong as earthbending, if you comparing them. Anyway, I love Katara's quote by seeing their future. I love their picture; another oogies!

Aang and Katara's future



Poor Sokka. His own sister forgot to pick up his own, and let the warrior sat beneath the building of motivational bending training room. But, who knows? Appa back; I mean, Sokka's oogies-partner is back! I love her! She's back! Sukka alive! *cough* Okay.

Without Ty Lee and/or Mai's appearance, I hate what Gene Yang did to the Kyoshi Warriors. Beside being his guards, why the Kyoshi Warriors didn't appear in the war? Why? But, it'll be more confusing and twisting for writer; to fasten the end.

This will be looks so familiar to us, by remembering the finale again; Suki, Sokka, Toph, inside a Fire Nation transport; and the Avatar, Katara, and the Fire Lord. But honestly, I'd prefer the last one. I love how Katara got Azula down, and how Zuko assisted by Katara.


Bla... Bla... The Freedom Fighters go to end the war; by send the Fire Nation citizens back; but it's not my point. I got the conclusion here; FF (representing the EK) VS Y.D R (representing the FN) Got it!

I hate how Aang and Katara strike back to the duel; they aren't cool! But, it's cool when you read Toph's story. She and the oogies-couple get to underground for attacking and invading (again) the Fire Nation. I love :it and how to do it. Love how T.Sukka did it. 1-0 to Team Avatar!

As usual, there are some interrupter, here and there. The earthbenders striking FF, get back to war. I little tired to type this, but I hate them. General How's appearance maybe giving OR a new reference to write his fanon, thank goodness!

The Earth Kingdom decrees seems too fast paced, seems too rushed. Also the Air Nomad-like girls. Why not giving extra spaces to breath? But really, I agree with Ruen about the rushed. All of these stories are rushed.

I love how Lily livers got their part in the war, but it also seems rushed. Maybe by giving some details on how Lily livers got there, it'll be more adventuring! Katara also seems too care with Kuei. Kueitara? A new shipping? Or... Kataruei? Weird.

The beam; Aang's beam signs the end of the war. As always, a beam's part on story: As the beginning of the story, and/or the end of the story. Not bad in here.

It'll be cooler if Aang also creates the city separation on the way; there. That time. It'll be soooooooo cool! But, this is my opinion. Aang takes Zuko back to the land is remembering me to Superman and Louis' family. The Superman lets the ships down, and he takes the rest of the family flying.


Sorry for the grammars..

Aang bring Zuko to Iroh (finally!) And he, as usual giving advise to the Avatar and the Fire Lord. Phew... He eases me to end this. XD

My suggestions are there; Iroh's back, Suki and Sokka back, Kataang alive, but... one thing that mostly annoying me. Where. Is. Maiko????

Finally, Aang let his fan club to learn about Air Nomad, and as I guess, they've grown to the Air Acolytes! And the old Air Acolyte in The Legend of Korra, perhaps, could be was born in exact day where The Promise ended.

As usual, as Bryke and Gene Yang's habit.... Zuko, in the end of the story. ASKING.

Where is my mother.

No epic end?

Plot - 6.4

Writing - 9.5

Creativity - 8.0

Realism - 9.0

Genre - 8.1

CharDev - 7.5

Overall, it is 48.5/60, or you can take it as 8.0/10

Regards, sorry for the grammars..

Acer Evan Seek anything about fanon! Jet sprite

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