Hey, folks. Please note these are my suggestions about Finale of The Promise, so if you're looking for the original / the leaks, please go away to the corner, and sit there while I'm speaking. Nonononono... I mean, don't think you can get it here.

So, after looking on the Promise Part 2, and several preview which I get from google (not leaks, at all) I would like to present my suggestion about Finale of the epic story-- The Promise.

Previously on the Promise. . . Voice by Aang

I and Katara are working tirelessly for peace when an impasse between my friends, Fire Lord Zuko and Earth King Kuei over Fire Nation colonies within the borders of the Earth Kingdom threatens to plunge the world back into war. Meanwhile, Sokka helps Toph prepare her hapless first class of metalbending students to defend their school against a rival class of firebenders. And.. The World plunged back, at war. . .

The Promise Part 3

Official overview

The Harmony Restoration Movement fails to bring peace, and the nations are plunged back into war. Aang has to somehow mend the rift between himself and Fire Lord Zuko during the midst of the battle, or risk being pressured into killing the apparently renegade Fire Lord. Can war be averted? The fate of Yu Dao and the Fire Nation colonies hangs in the balance.

My suggestions

The Harmony Restoration Movement fails to bring peace, and the nations are plunged back into war.

It blew my mind, as the main purpose of HRM is going to end the colonies, start an old life as Fire Nation - Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom - Earth Kingdom, no merging. Let's magnify the fails word. Fails, came from "fail", has meaning not as the purpose. That's what I got, so people on colonies would be in anger. "How?" By the purpose is to avoid war again, get an equality, so it means the H.R.M will be not in an equality, will be at war again. Somehow, I have a suggestion that people who are going to back at Fire Nation would be angry at the Avatar and the H.R.M idea, will attack the Avatar when they meet him. IF... Aang go to Yu Dao, people will attack him. That's what I got in my mind. As Kori is one of the important people there, and Sneers is her boyfriend, so I think they both will intervene too at "attacking the Avatar" thingy.

Aang has to somehow mend the rift between himself and Fire Lord Zuko during the midst of the battle, or risk being pressured into killing the apparently renegade Fire Lord.

Once again, blew my mind. "Aang somehow mend the rift between himself and Fire Lord" which it means Aang and Zuko are in awkward relation, aren't they? Yes! Since Aang has promised to Zuko for kill him--if Zuko is going worse and worse. As Zuko decided to attack the E.K, I think the war could not be inevitable. Earthbenders will bend the earth, and firebenders will send their fire balls. In addition, Zuko is going in wrong way, as he asks advice from his father, instead of the most super-wise person in the world. Let's highlight the "during the midst of the battle" words. I got an idea; Zuko and Aang will meet in the War. Between the two nations. While Zuko's adviser is his father, and Aang's adviser is Roku, I think their both spirits will take a big influences in Aang and Zuko's conversation. Make a sense, isn't?

Can war be averted?

No, we've knew that "during the midst of the battle" is informs us about the war.

The fate of Yu Dao and the Fire Nation colonies hangs in the balance.

Of course. Yu Dao, one of the Fire Nation colonies, are placed between the hot-headed Fire Lord and inexperienced Earth King's war. Their fate, as we know are finally will be ended as Republic City; user TLoK as reference, and Mako-Bolin and Asami as example. We still don't know how Aang decide to create the metropolitan-city. I've see, not a leak image that Aang broke a pendant; broke his connection with Avatar Roku forever. It means Roku told him something, something that make Aang felt uncomfortable. In Sozin's Comet series, we knew that Aang decide not to kill Ozai. And now, facing his son, Roku - maybe - told him to kill the Fire Lord. My suggestion is, Aang has made a promise that if Zuko getting worse, and can't be controlled, Aang ought to kill him. Yeah, maybe Roku told him to kill Zuko. That's why Aang broke the pendant; he doesn't want to kill his own best friend. I think, after broke the pendant, after decide to keep Zuko, Aang decide to stop the war.* After giving speech, Aang tells Zuko and Kuei to stop it, and bring the war to a peace; by merging them onto a city.

How about Katara, Sokka, and Toph? Who is Toph's husband? Sokka?

I could not answer them all, but I'll try.
Katara, will protects Aang wherever they go; Yu Dao, the War, etc. I think Katara would helps Aang to tell everyone to stop the war. We'll meet more Kataang-scene, I think. Toph, staying at her class with Sokka will helps to prevent angry within the Yu Dao. I still stand with Sukka, instead of Tokka. I hope Sukka stand! And Tohev rule. ^^"

What about Azula? You didn't tell me everything about her.

I don't know, but I bet she will appeared as good person, not an insane one. Still crazy as before, but not as evilly as before. From an image, (not leak too, as it's sneak peek) she and Zuko will meet at Fire Nation, asking about Ursa's fate. I doubt Azula will still grudging to Katara and Team Avatar, and her role will be the transition between The Promise and The Search.


Gene Yang is good at writing. I meant it. He makes twists about the shippings, where Sokka with Toph, and Suki - Zuko. I hope it will be never happen, but who knows? As I am also Maikoist, Kataanger, and Sukka-lover, I would like to suggest...
It's better if Suki went back to Sokka; she deserves Sokka a lot more than Zuko! If Zuka happens, the HRM will be nothing!
Zuko two times let down Mai, but Mai had forgive him. I hope they will reunite again!
Kataang: We already know. Tenzin.

That's all, my suggestions about The Promise. Pure from my mind. If you have any suggestions from your own, write on the comment. :)


Acer Evan Seek anything about fanon! Jet sprite

So, anyone have read the preview? It's fun, isn't? I found it by my social network, and finally hooked to the pictures, and then...


So, updating my suggestions...

Ursa's fate

As we know, Ursa's crying at Zuko and Aang's duel-in-dream. Behind Roku, she's crying, just like what Iroh did in Zuko's decision to left him. I think, Ursa's appearance will be the climax transition between The Promise and The Search, and we'll know more about spirits in next book!

* : See The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride - Kiara and Kovu's attempt to end the duel as reference.
** : Several suggestions are came from images which are sneak-peeks, but not all of them.

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