Piandao teaches Sokka

Hola :) Looks like it have been forever since you hear anything about Fanon Illustrator Insignia user group. Or even maybe you haven't hear anything about it? No worry! Acer is back for good!

So, after months of inactivity in illustrating, I'm back with two reports: First the bad morning report is: Fruipit, Firebender896, and DarkKnightRises are all resigning. They can't spare times to illustrating and real life; I know and I also feel it. I understand, and going to good report is... Fanon Illustrator Insignia has THREE Open Spots! Everyone who feels have a drawing skill, don't be shy to send request! The existing members are Ratava-san and myself.

However, I have something that you need to know, they are:

  • Hopefuls will declare their candidacy by request on the membership request page, with reason and specific skills of drawing (graphic design / sketch / watercolor / etc.)
  • Candidates will draw a titlecard (it can be article image or main story illustration) of Avatar: The Bending Prodigy.
  • Candidates will submit those test drawings on the Fanon Illustration Insignia membership request page, with an example of his/her drawing skill.
  • The current existing members will consider it and have a meeting ASAP.

Hence, you must create the titlecard with a theme:

  • Titlecard for main page:
    • Golden, magnificent, and royal-themed titlecard with "Avatar: The Bending Prodigy" typos*
    • The ratio must be 11 : 6 or 5 : 3
    • Consists image of Energygbending
  • Titlecard for article page:
    • A magnificent image, and interesting coloring techniques
    • Details and perspective are focused

Good luck, and wish you the best. :)

*: a common term of text for graphic designing.

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