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  • I live in In my own world where I am the avatar
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  • I am lets see avatar GIRL!!!!!
  • Aang Meng Fang

    remembering TAD

    April 4, 2012 by Aang Meng Fang

    As most of you know TAD has left the wiki and won't return untill 2015, so to remember her I would like if we would all post the ABCLAF pic somewhere on your page or as your avatar. We miss her so much and somtimes I wonder if she has watched LoK. She has made the wiki a bit more well......... better, her fanons were beautiful and so poetic. We miss her so much and look forward utill then.


    A sad Aang Meng Fang

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  • Aang Meng Fang

    new fanon need help!

    February 29, 2012 by Aang Meng Fang

    I had an idea to make a fanon about sokka in his childhood what it was like being the only boy in the southern water tribe filled with funny sokka jokes and thoughts and tips about warrior trianing not to be used of course what his life was like when Kya was around and after her death like this. Even though my mother died and my father off to help the country I must move on though I am the oldest boy in all of the southern water tribe

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