Hello everyone. I have a fanon called Around The World (Again). I hope that you will all read it. I also love comments, postive and negative. Please read my fanon.


After the war ended, the gang has lived together in their old house in Ba Sing Se. Both Katara and Sokka are longing to revisit the South Pole. Toph wants to see her parents, and Suki wants to revisit her old home, Kyoshi Island. So one year later, they decide to revisit friends and locations. Following them secretly is a old villain.


"Very nice. You're definitely improving with each chapter you write. And I don't mean to sound like the harsh critic or anything. I'm just... honest. Keep me posted on your progress!"
The Ultimate Waterbender
"Ummm well it was good but I'm not at all for Tokka/Zutara so that threw me off a bit. And also, why would Zuko go on a date if he already had a girlfriend? There are a few holes in the story. But you have a lovely writing style and your grammatical errors were almost nil. Good job!"

They mean Taang fan not Tokka but the story has something for everyone. I've released five chapters already and I plan to release sixteen. All of these plot holes have been resloved in the other chapters. Please read it. here. - Aang20791 Talk Fanon Aang DOBS Sprite

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