As you can tell by the title, I hate to say this, but I'm going inactive for a month starting tomorrow (June 26) and will be returning on July 26. I'm going on a trip to a secret place (I'll be traveling there through the [calls Chong and Nomad Hippies] SECRET TUNNEL!!) and I won't have that much access to a computer. I really hate to go inactive especially since I haven't been active much these days so I apologize.

Okay since I'm going inactive, I have to talk about what will happen to my fanons and user groups that I'm part of.

So, first, my two fanons, Around The World (Again) and Emerging and Eliminating: I obviously won't be able to work on them and I apologize that I haven't worked on them in a while. Once I'm back, I'll get writing as soon as possible! :)

'User Groups, 'the Fire Sages and the Council of Shippers: I'm really sorry that I haven't been participating that much in the groups lately; I've just been busy. Again, I won't be able to edit while I'm away so I'm really really sorry. Like my fanons, once I get back, I'll contribute to the groups as much as I can.

I really hate to go inactive, but I sort of need a break from the wiki. I'm going to miss all of you!!! :)

-Aang20791 Talk Fanon Aang DOBS Sprite 17:10, June 25, 2011 (UTC)

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