This is a blog post about Avatar The Last Airbender as it goes through the years 2005 – 2012.

After reading the year by year analysis, please comment below telling me which year had the most/best ATLA.


This is the year that began the show. This year contained all of Book 1 and released some Avatar Merchandise


This year showed us Book 2 as well as the DVD releases of Book 1. Also, more merchandise was released this year than any other including the first ever Avatar Video Game.


The first half of Book 3 aired this year . Book 3 Vol 1 was released this year as well as the whole Book 2 on DVD. Escape from the Spirit World was also released online this year. The second Avatar video game was released this year. The movie was announced this year.


This is the year that ended the show in a week of all new episodes (Count Down To The Comet) leading up to the epic finale. The rest of Book 3 was released on DVD this year. Also, the third ATLA Video Game was released. There was very little Avatar this year.


There was really no Avatar this year except for movie news.


This year started to bring Avatar back to life with releases such as Avatar: The Art of the Animated Series and The Complete Book 1 Collection (Collecter's Edition). Then in the Summer, the (terrible) movie was released on July 1st in 3D. Shortly following the movie's release, Avatar: The Legend of Korra was announced, to air on Nickelodeon in 2011 (so the movie was actually good for something besides bringing more fans to the show).


So much good news (as well as one bad news) came (and more will probably come) out this year.

  1. Dark Horse Comics (DHC) and Nickelodeon will be rereleasing the Avatar Comics that came out in Nick Magazine a while ago starting on Free Comic Book Day (May 7).
  2. News came out (and more will) about LOK including a new picture showing Korra's face.
  3. Some of the cast has been revealed,(as well as new character names) here they are:
  4. Janet Varney as KORRA
  5. Kiernan Shipka as JINORA
  6. Daniel Dae Kim as HIROSHI SATO
  7. David Faustino as MAKO
  8. Seychelle Gabriel as ASAMI
  9. Lance Hendrickson as LIEUTENANT
  10. JK Simmons as TENZIN

4.The bad news is that Korra has been moved to air in 2012 and that the show may have a new name (The Last Airbender: Legend Of Korra) which doesn't make any sense.


The Legend of Korra will be releaseed this year. DHC and Nickelodeon will be releasing new comics that take place after the series final!

So, I think that the year with the most Avatar was 2006. Book 2 was airing and Book 1 DVD were being released as well as a lot of new merchandise. The year with the best Avatar is probably 2012 (New comics and Korra). I will update this page as more new news is released. Until then, please comment saying which year had the most Avatar and the best Avatar.

- Aang20791 Talk Fanon Aang DOBS Sprite 02:50, March 7, 2011 (UTC)

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