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    October 9, 2011 by Aang20791


    Hey everyone! ARG and I have recently created a new user group called the Pro-Gamers. This user group's goal is to create and improve pages for all Avatar: The Last Airbender games, including those featured on The video game pages pretty under appreciated and this user group is a chance to help the pages become more recognized and improve them greatly.

    If you wish to join, please leave a brief message here. You don't even need to own the A:TLA video games to join. You can work on pages for the games online or maybe you can find a walkthrough somewhere online for the A:TLA video games.

    Join the Pro-Gamers and help improve the video game pages. This will be one-step closer to making the wiki a complete Avatar: The L…

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    June 25, 2011 by Aang20791

    As you can tell by the title, I hate to say this, but I'm going inactive for a month starting tomorrow (June 26) and will be returning on July 26. I'm going on a trip to a secret place (I'll be traveling there through the [calls Chong and Nomad Hippies] SECRET TUNNEL!!) and I won't have that much access to a computer. I really hate to go inactive especially since I haven't been active much these days so I apologize.

    Okay since I'm going inactive, I have to talk about what will happen to my fanons and user groups that I'm part of.

    So, first, my two fanons, Around The World (Again) and Emerging and Eliminating: I obviously won't be able to work on them and I apologize that I haven't worked on them in a while. Once I'm back, I'll get writing as…

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    I know that there have been blogs about the recent Korra news but I just want to talk about the name change (The Last Airbender: Legend Of Korra). This isn't 100% confirmed, but the Wall Street Journal sort of said it was. I'm going to wait for another source before jumping to conclusions, but if this was the new name, why would they change it?

    First of all, it doesn't make sense because we have Korra and Tenzin who are airbenders so there isn't a last airbender anymore. There are two reasons why I think that this name change occured.

    1. James Cameron's Avatar - This is the reason why The Last Airbender didn't have the word Avatar in the title, so he probably told Nick to change the title so there wouldn't be confusion between our Avatar and…

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    This is a blog post about Avatar The Last Airbender as it goes through the years 2005 – 2012.

    After reading the year by year analysis, please comment below telling me which year had the most/best ATLA.

    This is the year that began the show. This year contained all of Book 1 and released some Avatar Merchandise

    This year showed us Book 2 as well as the DVD releases of Book 1. Also, more merchandise was released this year than any other including the first ever Avatar Video Game.

    The first half of Book 3 aired this year . Book 3 Vol 1 was released this year as well as the whole Book 2 on DVD. Escape from the Spirit World was also released online this year. The second Avatar video game was released this year. The movie was announced this year.


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    Book 2 left us fans hanging with the unforgettable, epic, cliffhanger episode, The Crossroads of Destiny. This episode was the last we saw of Avatar before the long, boring nine month hiatus leading up to the premiere of Book 3. I have to say that this is one of the series' best (in my opinion).


    Azula is plotting a coup to overthrow the Earth King and seize control of Ba Sing Se. Aang, Sokka, and Toph return from their adventures to Ba Sing Se because Aang had a vision of Katara being in trouble. Katara (who actually is in trouble) is captured by Azula and her two friends, Mai and Ty lee. Disguised as Kyoshi Warriors, Azula and her friends manage to get important information from The Earth King. Zuko then has to make an important decis…

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