• Aang1999

    The Last Airbender

    September 19, 2010 by Aang1999

    I have not seen TLA, but I know it's gonna be good because, unlike others, I see it as something else, apart from the series.

    It is the series retold, even if I hate the "Ong".

    Besides:Avatar The Last Airbender is to cool a series to be turned into a movie that speaks to everyone. It is to cool for shamwow or anyone else to make it like that (Though other directors could have made it better).

    Like when in Batman: Arkham Asylum, scarecrow makes the screen stop, and pixelate. I, along with other fans thought: "This game is just to cool for this console to run!"

    But I think The Last Airbender is awesome. Who else likes it?

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