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Tips on how to draw avatar characters? :)

Aamara February 25, 2012 User blog:Aamara

hey guys! :D so firstly .... i wanna know how you draw your avatar characters :3 i pretty much know how to draw them ..but .. i have to look at pics alot :/ ... i usally draw them on paper .. but sometimes i draw them on the comp.. wich takes forever.. because i don't have a tablet .. :p but hey.. but my advice for people that just start drawing... is keep on trying :) i find it easier to start drawing toph by drawing her hair first.. but with aang.. when he has hair.. it's easier to just start out with a circle.. and once you draw his ears make sure that there isn't that long of a plunge of his jaw... his eyebrows should be right next to the plunge of the arrow ... and he's usually seen with his staff .. so it wouldn't hurt if you added that too :)

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