The date of Season two of LoK has not been officially confirmed, and has been kept somewhat secret. However, recently April Stewart tweeted that book two was coming in April here, and now we've got another source to confirm it.

Now, David Faustino, voice of Mako, has tweeted saying he believes that LoK is coming out in April, as seen here.

What the tweet says:

“@Lynner2010_O: @DavidFaustino New Korra? xDDDD” I think April, no??

Obviously this is not official confirmation; before Book 1 he said he thought LoK was coming out in the summer, and he sounded more certain than with this new tweet. But, April Stewart said it too... so who knows! Even if this isn't correct, this gives a general idea of when it's coming out, which has a chance of being April!

Now, while this is a while away, at least we have a date to look forward toward!

So, *clinks glass* to book 2 of Korra!

NOTE: Credit to the nony with the IP for making a comment on the LoK page about this.

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