Hello fellow Avatards! Well, in all four books of LOK, there were things that impressed me in many different forms. The plot, the struggles, the feels, the emotion, the EVERYTHING. But it wasn't just the show and the people behind it that impressed me; it was also the fans. Yes, you! Even myself! Us ATLA and LOK fans are all very smart people. We analyze scenes on tumblr, we catch the slightest movements and body languages, and you know what else? We're good a predicting what will happen next. I'm aware that some people's predictions didn't come true, but there were other predictions that ended up being correct and I for one, am amazed at how intelligent this fandom is and predicting! So, without further ado, here are the Top 4 Predictions of LOK that Came True!

4. Amon is Tarrlok's Brother

Up until Skeleton's in the Closet, the fandom was buzzing about their guesses on who was behind the mask of Amon. Some predicted really good guesses like Hiroshi, some were ridiculous like it being Pema, Mako, Bolin, Asami, Pabu, etc. Others guessed it was just a random person we don't know about it which is pretty much
Amon asking Tarrlok to join him
correct. Heck, after When Extremes Meet, I was for sure it was Tarrlok. I'm pretty sure Tarrlok was the main guess until Out of the Past came out and he became face to face with Amon. Turns out, Amon, or should we say Noatak, was none other than Tarrlok's brother. I'm sure there were some fans of the show that predicted that. After the Tarrlok theory was proven to be false, I kinda just gave up on figuring it out and decided to figure it out the hard way. I would've never guessed for Amon to be in relation to our secondary villain; I screamed "WHAT!" at my TV 3 times after Tarrlok announced that news to Korra and Mako. So, to all you fans out there that predicted who Amon was correctly, congrats! 

3. Korrasami

Now, I'm all pretty sure we are shocked that the outcome and canon ship of LOK was Korrasami - not just because back in Book 1 we all thought Makorra was the ship that would turn out endgame, but also because this is a kids show - or at least a show trapped on a children's TV network. If there's one thing about children networks, it's that they don't feel comfortable expressing things that some certain adults don't agree with. However, I'd like to thank
Asami and Korra holding hands
Bryke for doing whatever it took to get a romantic Korrasami scene to happen and to show that love can be found in more ways than opposite-sex couples. Yes, I'll admit, I was hoping for Makorra and I was sad that it wasn't endgame, but Korrasami blossomed into something beautiful. To those that ship Korrasami, and not only predicted, but were hoping for the last four seasons that it would be endgame, I applaud you for sticking with this ship even before it was canon. Why is this not further up the list? Because Makorra and Korra ending up with no one were still options.

2. Bolin Lavabends

I think it's safe to say that the majority, if not everyone, of the fandom predicted that Bolin would learn how to lavabend by the end of the Book 3 finale. Between learning that lavabending is an earthbending ability from Ghazan and Bolin's nationality being half Fire Nation, it made sense to everyone that Bolin would pick up this rare, but epic subform of earthbending. Also, with his desire of learning how to metalbend not working out, it was obvious to the fandom that lavabending would make him a more powerful and special earthbender. There was still the possibility of him picking up metalbending, even after the Book 4 finale. I mean, he did ask Toph about it
Bolin lavabends
in Operation Beifong, so I guess he still does want to learn how. But once Bolin along with Mako, Asami and Tenzin became face-to-face with lava in Enter the Void, it was obvious that if anyone was going to prevent them all from parishing, it would be Bolin. And even if he didn't have the potential, he put his life on the line trying.

Aaaaaand....the most predicted idea that came true is....




  • drum roll*


  • Tahno playing the trombone*



1. Unalaq Becoming a Dark Avatar

It's no secret that Book 2 was the most predictable of all four books. First off, Unalaq being a villain was almost too easy to not see coming. But even in the darkest moments during the fandom at this time; whether it was the battle of Makorra vs Masami or about the plot itself, there was one thing that the majority of the fandom figured out. Unalaq's motives. He wanted to fuse with Vaatu to become an Avatar. A dark Avatar. It was clear to everyone that after the WAN hour premiere of Beginnings Part 1 2 and with the knowledge of him wanting to free Vaatu, that he wanted something more out of him. In return for getting him freed by tricking Korra, he wanted to create
Unalaq and Vaatu merged
another Avatar and do who knows what with the world. Although, I'm not really sure I know why he needed Vaatu in the first place. Other than being able to rip Raava out of Korra, all Unalaq was able to do was bend water. Oh well, it doesn't matter what the outcome was; the point is, this was the main prediction of Book 2 and there wasn't anything else floating around about what else could've happened. This was the obvious outcome.

What were your predictions during the show? What predictions came true? Which were false? What do you think happened after the Book 4 finale? Guess we'll find out --- oh wait, we won't. BECAUSE KORRA IS OVER! *cries* 

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