Hello fellow Avatards! How did we all enjoy the finale? Personally, I thought it was good in every possible way. Though my ship wasn't endgame, I am very happy for all the Korrasami shippers out there! Glad your ship worked out the way it hoped it would. I know they're "just cartoon characters", but if both Korra and Asami are happy together for the rest of their lives, then I'm happy for them.

Now that LOK is officially over *cries in a corner uncontrollably* I'm finally able to blog about the goods, the bads, and the down right epics of this fantastic show. Since I'm still having a hard time deciding on the Top 10 best episodes, I'm going to start with the the top 10 WORST even though none of these episodes are really bad in the first place; some these episodes just have less to offer to the plot or felt more disconnected to the show than others. So, without further ado, here are my TOP 10 WORST EPISODES OF LOK (in my opinion).

10. Original Airbenders (Book 3 Episode 7)

Whaaaaa. An episode from Book 3 is on this list???? Yes, there is, but it pains me to put this one on the list more than it pains you to see it here. Just here me out; there's a reason for this episode being here. To refresh your memory, this episode is all about Tenzin trying to make the training experience for the new Air Nation to be more lively. How does Tenzin accomplish this goal? By becoming a drill instructor that was indeed worse than being kept as a prisoner under the Earth Queen. Was it just me, or did Tenzin seem a bit...out of character in this
episode? I know he was trying to be a better master, but did he really think yelling at everyone was the best idea? Some people are born as leaders, like his brother Bumi, and then there's Tenzin who was not. To me, he seemed like he wasn't himself at all. Sure he was being boring, but that's who he is when it comes to teaching people. In a nutshell, I did enjoy this episode; it was entertaining, the Kainora moments were adorable, and the ending was touching, but Tenzin just wasn't being Tenzin...

9. The Coronation (Book 4 Episode 3)

Whaaaaaa. BOOK 4? REALLY, ATLALOK?!?!?! Yes, really! I'm well aware that this episode was good too. It offered character development for Wu, Bolin, Su, and did great with setting up the the Book 4 plot even further. On
Wu's coronation
the other side of the coin, I felt like it was too predictable. I mean, between the servants being unable to find Wu's crown and him letting Kuvira speak during the coronation was such a giveaway that he wasn't going to be the King. And Mako and Bolin being on different sides in this "war" was asking for an argument waiting to happen. Despite the things I did see coming, the episode was still good. Toph was in it; enough said.

8. Remembrances (Book 4 Episode 8)

I hate myself for putting this episode on the list. Bryke didn't want to do a clip show, but Nickelodeon cut their budget for the final season, so we ended up with this episode. Seriously guys, don't complain about this episode being awful because it was a 'clip episode' or a 'recap'. It was still good. Korra needed to reflect on her past "mistakes" to help her with facing the new ones. Mako needed to reflect on his relationships with Korra and Asami to help him when he gets with someone else. I'm not sure why we needed to reflect with Bolin and Varrick, but
Asami, Tenzin, and Korra
hey, I was dying of laughter the whole time there. The only reason this is on the worst list is because (and this could be because of the budget as well) I felt like the lines were so cheesy. "But then a new villain took his place; Unalaq." "No matter how crazy things get, I wil always try to restore balance" *pans over to a sunset* I like the second line; it was just a little cheesy to me. This episode worked out well, but I'm sure Bryke wishes they could've done something more. Sorry, Bryke!

7. Spirit of Competition (Book 1 Episode 5)

Ahhhhhhh yes; the shipping episode. Funny how in the end, NONE of these ships were endgame. Bolin is with Opal, Mako will probably find some other gal in the police station, and Korra and Asami are living happily ever after. I do like this episode. I thought it was hilarious and Bolin crying and running away dramatically will always be ones of my favorite scenes ever because I laughed so hard I almost fell off my couch. However, this episode
Mako and Korra kiss
wasn;'t the greatest. romantic struggles unbalanced the group causing them to almost lose their chance in the finals for Probending. The whole romance thing of Bolin liking Korra, Korra liking Mako and Mako liking both Asami and Korra seemed like something out of a cheesy romance show. And Asami knowing none of this until later on was kind of heartbreaking. Masami was the not the fandom's cup of tea, so why bother making their relationship strain for another five episodes (and continue it off and on in Book 2?)? But hey, it was still funny, right?

---coincedentally, the rest of these episodes are from Book 2---

6. Peacekeepers (Book 2 Episode 5)

Book 2; arguably the weakest season of LOK. Though a handful of the episodes were good, others seemed disconnected. Though Peacekeepers wasn't disconnected from the subplot of Varrick's evildoing, it was almost painful to watch in some parts. I think I speak for every Makorra shipper when I say, that this breakup was terrible. Not just because the ship we thought was endgame and pretty sure would get back together in the end just ended an over six month relationship, but because the breakup was horrible in every possible way. Mako was just doing
Mako talking to Raiko
his job, and instead of getting rewarded, his desk gets airbended across the room, he has to argue with Korra in front of his coworkers, and then he has to end the relationship in front of them too? Ouch! I'm so glad their second breakup was more personal and on a good note. Also, the whole bombing for Varrick to start a war? What was the purpose of that? A war was already breaking out between the tribes; did Varrick really need to cause more trouble? I know he owns the building he blew up, but you had all the war you needed to make a mover!

5. Rebel Spirit (Book 2 Episode 1)

This episode was not the best way to open the season up. I know Bryke was planning on breaking Makorra up without them getting back together, but was making Korra so angry at him and the whole "picking sides" nonsense
Dark spirit attacking Korra
was out of place. In fact, Korra yelling at half the people on this show was out of place. First Mako, then Tenzin, then Tonraq? Don't you think Korra would've figured that being kept in the compound was for her own protection? And also, the whole idea of the spirits attacking the Southern Tribe...what was the purpose of that? Why were they angry in the first place? What did that have to do with the spirit portals opening?

4. Civil Wars Part 1 (Book 2 Episode 3)

Why did this episode even need 2 parts? You could've easily given them two different titles; they didn't feel connected as much as other 2 parter's in the past. Apparently, Ikki is getting teased which seems weird to me that she'd run off. Ikki is such a babbler; she could probably insult her siblings a novel's worth in a minute. Although, we weren't there to see what they were teasing her about so...Also, finding out our previous Avatar that we all knew and love having a favorite child is kind of heartbreaking, but it does make sense. He had to give him the attention
Southern Water Tribe meeting
for his culture. But taking the rest of your family on those vacations would've been nice. The tribes fighting was ridiculous to me, but that's probably because it was predictable to me that they would've been recovered in the end. This episode was predictable to me as well because Unalaq in sitting in the shadows was foreshadowing him being evil waaaay too easily. In fact, it was predictable the second I saw him. This entire season was basically Lion King. (Which is sad because unlike Book 2 of LOK, The Lion King was actually great)

3. Civil Wars Part 2 (Book 2 Episode 4)

The second half of this growing war was like leftover badly cooked food you're forced to eat so you don't hurt your Aunt's feelings. (I speak from personal experience). This episode was a leftover of the previous episode, and was even worse than the one before. Why? Did there really need to be a death setence at first? If Bryke was planning on Korra finding out about her uncle being evil in this episode, there wasn't a point to him trying to change the
Water Tribe trial
death sentence to life in jail. Also, this whole episode felt rushed to me. I felt like this episode plot could've been extended a little more. However, I'm glad they had Korra find out about Unalaq early on and didn't drag that part out until almost the end of the show. And the assassination thing? Didn't Unalaq even think about how Korra would feel about that? Unalaq was the worst LOK villain EVER.

2. The Sting (Book 2 Episode 6)

One word for why this episode was bad. MASAMI. I'm apologize to all the people out there that still ship Masami, but honestly, why bring this ship back if you were just going to break them back up again? Hmmm, come to think of it, why did I still hope for Makorra then? Anyway, this was pointless. Asami has one of the greatest minds in the world and yet was stupid enough to come back to this guy? No offense to both Mako and Asami, because I do
Asami kisses Mako
love Mako's dorkiness and Asami is awesome, but this ship was a disaster from start to finish. Mako going against Lin was for the plot, but I feel like Mako should know better than to mess with a Beifong. Varrick being a villain was actually surprising to me and I loved that idea, especially since now he's come around to a more selfless young man who is now married to Zhu Li. This whole episode was a mess from Mako not listening to Lin from Korra getting amnesia.

Before I reveal my pick for the "worst" episode of LOK, here is a short list of some Honorable Mentions that almost made it to the list...(in no particular order)

1. The Southern Lights (Book 2 Episode 2)

2. And the Winner Is... (Book 1 Episode 6)

3. Enemy at the Gates (Book 4 Episode 5)

4. The Battle of Zaofu (Book 4 Episode 6)

5. The Earth Queen (Book 3 Episode 3)

And the episode is..........*drum roll* *Tahno playing the trombone*




1. The Guide (Book 2 Episode 9)

Out of every episode of LOK, The Guide is one episode (and probably the only) where I found more negatives to than positives. More Masami crap that we knew would come crashing down, Mako getting arrested for being framed by Varrick, Bolin acting like a jerk, Tenzin believing he is more spiritual than his own daughter, and the fact that it had nothing to do with the plot. It's okay to have filler episodes; we know that the first series had plently
Mako snapping
good ones itself. And LOK had great filler episodes too. The Guide was not one of them . This whole episode was frustrating to watch because Mako was being treated poorly for no reason and Tenzin was acting like a little kid not getting what he wanted. The only thing about this episode that was actually good was Korra apologizing for acting out at Tenzin and being the nice, compassionate person that she is.

Well, that's my blog, and I have many more to come! What's to come of this wiki now that LOK is over? What was your favorite part of the series? What is the outcome of Korra's life? Guess we'll find out when Boo---wait no...sorry, I'm so used to doing that. Guess we'll have to write or read fanfiction to figure out!

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