Hello fellow Avatards! 

You know those moments of LOK that are so good that they make you wanna cry? Or even moments that actually DID make you cry. Well, Mako may not because he never cried ONCE during the show, but us fans sure do! So, without further ado, here are the Top 10 Most Tearbend-Worthy Moments of LOK! (in my opinion)

Also, in every scene I picked, the music was FLAWLESS! So if you're reading this Jeremy Zuckerman, YOU ARE A MASTER MUSICBENDER!!!  

10. Tarrlok's Sad Story (Book 1 Episode 11 & 12)

"That's one of the saddest stories I've ever heard." Indeed it is. After learning that Amon is Tarrlok's older brother, we find out how the two Book 1 antagonists became the people they were. Honestly, I don't consider either of them the real villains of this season. They would've never been that way if it wasn't for their father, Mr. Kra--I mean Yakone. After discovering that both his sons were waterbenders, he trained them like slaves, forced them to learn how to bloodbend at night, day, and the worst part...bloodbend each other. I applaud Amon, or should I say
Noatak bloodbending Yakone
Noatak, for bloodbending his father. He had that coming forEVER! What really made this story sad was that it never had a happy ending. Not when Noatak left, not when Yakone died, not when Noatak and Tarrlok reunited, and then Tarrlok killed them both. I get why Tarrlok killed them both; Tarrlok knew that the rest of their lives wouldn't have been fun and they'd be miserable. I just wished they're could've been a happy ending for them. I guess dying together was it?

9. Aang Restores Korra's Bending (Book 1 Episode 12)

Lets face it; anytime a member of the Gaang showed up in an episode of LOK, it was heartwarming. I still will never get over the lack of Sokka, but that's just me. Anyway, watching Korra standing on that cliff and being upset about losing her bending was sad enough. I mean, she was able to bend those elements at age 4. Imagine being able to do something for either your whole life or majority of your life and someone takes it away from you in a matter of seconds. I'd be sad too. But then Aang, our sweet, loveable Avatar that we came to know and love from the original series walks into the scene and says, "When we hit our lowest point, we are opened to the greatest
Korra in the Avatar State
 I know some people think this was a cheap way to have Korra get her bending back and she should've "earned it", but jeez. Did you see the way she air kicked him out that window and exposed him of who he really was? She earned it with that alone. The whole scene itself with Aang and the other past Avatar's and then her bending the elements again was all so touching. 

8. Past Lives No More (Book 2 Episode 13)

Despite Book 2 being the fandom's least favorite season, I think we can all admit that the finale was EPIC! The scenery, the plot, the stuggle, and then the moment where everyone that watched had their heart broken. Yup, the scene where UnaVaatu destroyed Raava which also disconnected Korra to her past lives. That entire scene was ripped my soul in half. Seeing Aang turn into dust was terrible, and then Roku...Kyoshi....Kuruk....Yangchen...Unnamed Firebender.....thousdands of Avatars later.....and then Wan. It was sad to see Wan go (not as much as Aang though) because we had just met him 6 episodes ago and I think the majority of us just fell in love with him (not literally) because his development into being the Avatar was AMAZING.
Raava destroyed
Then we watch as all the Avatar's leading up to Korra disappear, and she could feel it too. I was hoping when Raava and Korra were bounded together again, so would the past lives, but that link is gone. Although I think this ended up being a good thing for Korra's development, it was still sad to see them all go.

7. Lin's Bending Being Taken Away (Book 1 Episode 10)

Yay, an episode that's not from a finale!!! Though it was a very short scene, there was a lot of emotion to it. Between the music, the rain, the dialogue, and the scenery, the was arguably the saddest scene in Book 1. The fandom had a feeling Korra would lose her bending, but we never thought Lin Beifong would lose her bending. I respect her so much for not telling Amon anything. After her first encounter with Korra, I wasn't sure how to feel towards her, but since she was Toph's daughter, I couldn't help, but to like her no matter what. She sacrificed her bending to keep the Avatar and her friends safe.You know she didn't want to lose her bending; no one does. But
Amon taking Lin's bending away
she accepted it as her fate and fell to the ground in defeat. The only thing that made this scene better was meeting General Iroh II who inherited his grandfather's teenage voice, and at the end of the season when her bending is restored by Korra. 

6. Korra Dies (Book 3 Episode 13)

This was the most messed up finale ever. Korra is poisoned and she fights it off and battles Zaheer. She wins and he is taken care of by our awesome Beifongs, but the poison becomes too much and Korra dies in her father's arms. It also doesn't help that she thought her father was dead. Right before this death, she reaches out to her father, knowing that he's alive, but she can't speak and dies right then and there. Now, there is a reason for this not being higher on the list. It's not the Legend of Korra without KORRA. It was obvious that she was going to live,
Fearful Tonraq
but there's no doubt in my mind that she was dead for about a minute. I had my doubts on Su; I thought she was a secondary villain, but she proved a good portion of the fandom wrong and bended about 95% of the mercury poison out of her, bringing her back to life. The poison did take a toll on her; taking her 3 years to recover, but that doesn't take away from the fact that this scene was sad. 

5. Mako Almost Dies (Book 4 Episode 13) 

Our dorky firebend came a long way since Book 1. The majority of the fandom hated him for "cheating" on Asami and all the shipping nonsense. I think if Remembrances did anything great, it did help us understand how Mako felt about this from his perspective, and that's really what we needed to hear. I'll be honest; I never hated Mako at all. I knew he was confused. I could never imagine having 2 great guys into me at once. Anyway, if that wasn't enough to make you love Mako, I'm sure this scene did. Mako puts his life on the line to stop Kuvira's giant mecha machine. He knew very well that what he could do could kill him, but he also knew it was the only way to stop it.
Mako directs lightning at spirit vines
He had to redirect the currents coming from the machine to cause an explosion. Bolin may not have approved, but he didn't stand in the way of Mako doing what he did, which was one of the best things this finale offered. I was worried for him the whole time, and when he was zapped by that bolt of lightning, I was for sure he was dead. I was on the edge of tearbending here, and I am so happy that he survived. 

4. Tenzin Almost Dies (Book 3 Episode 11)

The Ultimatum was one of, if not my favorite episode of LOK. Iroh makes a cameo, Zuko is awesome, The Team Avatar hug, Grandma Yin, and of course, the battle between the new Air Nation vs the Red Lotus. I have always loved Tenzin for his wisdom, wit, determination, and also because he's one of Aang and Katara's children, but this episode...not that he needed to...he earned my full, complete respect. He made Zaheer struggle so bad that after the other members were done with their victims, they had to come help him. That last minute of the episode had
Tenzin battles Zaheer
me, and probably everyone else, at the edge of my seat! They had him cornered, telling him to give up because it was over. Then Tenzin said what probably was the single was terrifying thing ever. "As long as I'm's not over." WHY THOSE CHOICE OF WORDS, TENZIN!? An episode ago, we learned that Zaheer can suffocate people with their own breath, so that's what I thought was going to happen!!! The fandom spent a week wondering if Tenzin was alive or not!!! I'm so glad he didn't die...

3. Korra's Recovery (Book 4 Episode 2, 3, 4, 6, and 9)

Korra Alone is one of the best LOK episode ever, no argument. I've never had PTSD, but from what I've read, this was the perfect way to represent someone who tries to recover from it. I felt emotional watching her go through everything she had to to get back on her feet again. The nightmares, the emotional distress, the fear, the struggle. I never want to go through what she did. And if any of you have and have gotten through it, then you are amazing! If you have and aren't over it yet, I know you can do it! Janet Varney is such a good voice actress too! When Korra told Katara that she was tired, you could hear the emotional pain behind it. I'm so glad this was realistic, and not
Katara helping Korra
something she got over right away like her bending or past lives. This was her life. She was poisoned. She hated making progress and it still not being enough. She hated being afraid. Accepting what happened to her must've been so hard. Even after she returned, she was still scared. She needed to play out everything that happened from beginning to end. Acceptance was the most difficult part of her recovery and she did it! 

2. Jinora Getting Her Tattoos (Book 3 Episode 13)

While seeing Korra going through PTSD and depression, there were also happy tears in this finale. Since Original Airbenders, Jinora had been hoping to get her airbending tattoos. Lets face it; after discovering how to project her spirit, she earned herself some tattoos. Tenzin held himself back from giving them to her, but I understand why. That is his first born after all. He didn't want to see her grow up so fast. After never giving up on hope and trying to save not just the AIr Nation, but Korra as well by getting the others to airbend a tornado, Tenzin knew that getting
Jinora's airbending tattoos
her tattoos was far overdue. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Tenzin gave a wonderful speech and then when he revealed Jinora's shaven head, it had the airbender tattoo on it. She looked so much like Aang in that moment and the chimes being blown by the airbenders and that hug in the end. It was a perfect end to a wonderful season and it was one of the most touching scenes in LOK.

Before I reveal my top pick for the most tearbend-worthy moment of LOK, here are some honorable mentions...

  • Korra loses her bending (Book 1 Episode 12)
  • Wan dies (Book 2 Episode 8)
  • Mako Revealing his and Bolin's Past (Book 1 Episode 3)
  • Lin's Flashbacks (Book 3 Episode 6)
  • Hiroshi Dies (Book 4 Episode 12)
  • Varrick and Zhi Li's Wedding (Book 4 Episode 13)
  • Tenzin's Talk with the Airbabies About the New Air Nation (Book 3 Episode 1)

And my top pick for the most tearbend-worthy moment is......




  • drum roll*




  • Tahno playing the trumpet*




1. Mako Giving His Scarf to Grandma Yin (Book 3 Episode 3)

Out of all the scenes of LOK, this was the scene that made me come closest to tears. We learned in the 4th episode of LOK that the scarf Mako wore was his father's because it made him feel safe and it was all he had left of him. That alone was touching. But in this episode, Mako and Bolin randomly meet their cousin and uncle who bring them to their home where they meet their grandmother along with a mass amount of family members they didn't know they had. If it wasn't bad enough that Mako had to tell their grandmother that her son and his wife that she never met were killed, he also had to say it in front of every else. Also, the things Yin said were so sweet, that
Mako, Bolin, and Yin
it was heartbreaking. We make it to the scene where she shows the brothers a letter their father sent them, and she comments on how Mako has his mother's eyes. (SPIRITS, GRANDMA YIN! JUST PUT A KNIFE THROUGH MY HEART; I'M SURE THE PAIN HURTS LESS!) And the Mako does something that I would never have expected. He took off his scarf, the only thing he had left of his dad, and gave it to his grandmother because he knew she needed it more. The music and emotion in this scene was flawless. I watched the Spanish version first without understanding the language and I was on the verge of tears. This scene broke me to pieces, but it's one of my favorite scenes because to me, it is so real and everything about it was uplifting. 

Well, that's my blog. What was your most tearbend-worthy scene? What scene do you think was more tearbend-worthy than others? When will I post the best LOK episode blog? Guess we'll find out...soon, hopefully?