Hello fellow Avatards! Well, after spending an hour and a half fangirling at the TV screen nonstop last night, I have finally composed myself enough to put together my top ten favorite moments from the first three episodes combined! So far, I'm really liking this season, and I'm happy to say that it might be my favorite, but I don't think it's fair to put it in first until it's over. Besides that, here's my list:

10. Mako being adorkable - Spirits, Mako you are just an awkward, little wreck, aren't you? It's only been two weeks since his break up with Korra and I had a feeling that he'd have a harder time with it than her. He just feels uber nervous around his two exes and that uncomforting feeling has left him to feel...distant from the group. His only "cure" for getting rid of his visible heartbreak is to keep working at the police station as a distraction, but Bolin has other plans for him that bring him aboard the airship. I think that Mako being really awkward to point where he seems shy around Korra is really cute. I know they broke up, and for now, I think that it is for the better, but in the end, Korra better husband him for being this adorkable. "Of course I'm here, Korra. Avatar. Avatar Korra. Once I received your message, I proceeded to contact various locations within the Earth Kingdom as ordered by you...the Avatar." Every time he talked to her, I was covering my face in my lap and laughing to myself.

9. The Korrasami Friendship - Notice how I put the word "friendship" there. If you ship them, that's fine, I won't judge, but I personally prefer them as friends. And speaking of them being friends, I am loving their growing friendship as the episodes progressed. The car ride was a little bumpy at first, but then it sailed smooth. Hey, just like their friendship! I'm glad that they confessed about their kisses with their mutual ex-boyfriend, and I can only hope that Mako will stop being so weird around them. Although, I do enjoy it. The one thing I hope for this friendship is that it's not based upon torturing Mako. They need to have a girls' day out like Katara and Toph did.

8. Earth Queen - What a royal pain in the air scooters (and I'm female!). Despite the fact that it's cool to finally see her, she really makes me miss our beloved Earth King (and Bosco). She and the famous Dai Li agents are up to no good with the new airbenders, so it'll be interesting to see what this will be leading into. Just a side note, that ending see with Kai and the Dai Li...I haven't had chills up my spine since the scene in Endgame when Korra was hiding under the table and Amon was walking in like he doesn't know where she is and then he's all "SURPRISE, MONKEYFEATHER!" But in all seriousness, I'm not a fan of the Earth Queen at all, but she still made it into my top 10 because she is a very important element (pun intended) for the airbending plot.

7. Meeting Kai - This kid is pretty cool. He reminds me of Aang a little bit, just with more of a "darker" past. I think Kai has a lot of potential this season to become a great airbender and character. Hopefully he'll break the habit of stealing from other people, but that'll come with wisdom. Also, I'm adoring his little "relationship" with Jinora. Now we know that her type is the orphan and thief guy. Just like two other female characters we know of...

6. Tenzin the Salesman - By far the best thing Tenzin has ever done is trying to sell the idea that airbending will be a fun experience, but in the worst possible way! "He'll get tattoos over his body, just like me!" "You'll never have to worry about your worldly possessions again, because you won't have any!" "Your best friend will be a sky bison!" While I agree that there shouldn't be a single person that wouldn't want to be besties with a bison, I hope Tenzin will realize that just because lots of people have gained the ability to airbend, doesn't mean they have to go with them. Yes, they have this power that they should learn how to use properly, but before they had these powers, they had this life that they can't run away from by force. That is one of the biggest changes for the season.

5. Korra Talking to the "Suicidal" Airbender - Was that guy really trying to commit suicide on the bridge? I wouldn't be surprised considering Tarrlok killed both himself and his brother back in Book 1. But the most heart warming thing about this scene is that while everyone is trying to get him down, Korra goes up to him, and makes him feel...special. She comforts him with her words, and explains that change is good and you have to give things a chance. He's about as scared as her with the decisions she made to keep the portals open. She builds this confidence in the guy by showng him that he's not alone. Well done, Korra. Well done, Bryke for this beautiful scene!

4. Zaheer, Lavabender, Water Arm Girl, and Sparky Sparky Boom Woman - Well aren't these four people talented. One can heat up earth to turn into lava, one is disabled (bonus points for that), one can blow things up with their mind, and then there is Zaheer. Now this dude is pretty cool, and I'll tell you why. He didn't always have the ability to bend air. You know what that means? He lead this group of incredibly skilled benders back when he was a NONBENDER. This guy must be pretty persuasive if he can take charge of benders when he wasn't one himself. I think these four will work out together (that is if they break out Combustion Woman) and it'll be fun to see them be evil. When it comes to taking down Combustion Woman all I can say is to get a boomerang and a perfect angle on her eye ready.

3. The Family Reunion - DEM FEELS. It seems a little weird that out of all the people Mako and Bolin ran into while at the lower ring, it was their cousin and uncle, but hey, mircales happen. Their grandmother is the sweetest darn thing in the world and it killed me to see her cry when she found out that he son and daughter-in-law were killed. Also, this granny has the power to make LOK fans around the world tear up. I was on the edge of tears last night because of this woman. "I'm so sad that I never got to meet your mother, but you have her eyes." STOP! And then, Mako releases Scarfie from his neck and gives it to his grandma...STAPH! TEH FEELS! *crawls into corner with tissue box*

2. ZUKO - Our beloved, scar-faced friend is back and better than ever! Anyone else think he sounds a little like Avatar Roku? Zuko is so wise to the point where it makes me happy that Uncle Iroh got around to him when he struggled to find himself (to save himself from his other self). Can I just say that it is awesome that he has a dragon too? It's awesome. Also, he delieverd one of my favorite lines so far this season. "Ironically, I hired a man with a similar power to kill the didn't work." SPIRITS ZUKO

1. They're Popping Outta Thin Air! - Airbenders. Airbenders everywhere. I think that Bumi getting the power himself was a good fit because his father was an airbender (miss you, Aang!). I'm glad that Korra opened the portals for this to be possible, but I feel like the whole reason behind people becoming airbenders should be better explained. Looking forward to that. Also, thank you Tenzin for making me want to tearbend. "I just wish your grandfather were here to see this." HE'D BE SO HAPPY! HE'D BE SO OVERWHELMED WITH JOY!

Well, that's my intake on the season so far, and I'm loving it. What do you think about the season so far? What so you think will happen in the upcoming episodes. Guess we'll find out when more episodes come out, starting with episode 4 in July!

ATLALOK Salutes to you!

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