Hello fellow Avatards! If you didn't already know, the Book 2 finale is on and now we must await for Book 3!

What are your thoughts on Book 2?

I loved how Korra didn't defeat Unalaq/Vaatu as the Avatar, but as HERSELF. I'm sad over the fact that she can't connect with her past lives, but it's meant to be and she'll find her way around things. Tenzin talking to his dad was awesome, it showed that he shouldn't be a reflection of Aang, but he should be himself. Makorra being broken up is saddening to me, but I like the way they broke up this time. It was much more mature and well-handled. Seeing Uncle Iroh in the Spirit World was awesome! The spirit mushroom rocked "Yes I am." Bolin and Eska ending the way it did was good too. Asami listening to Bumi's idea was great. Katara was cool as ever. Jinora finding Raava's light inside Vaata was amazing. Korra's decision to keep the portals open and let the humans and spirits learn to live together was the coolest decision ever. Admiral Zhao in the Fog of Lost Souls was awesome. Varrick and Zhu Li escaping prison was funny.

In other words, this season was amazing and everyone that helped make this season possible deserves a round of applause or a "Here Here!" It's been quite the journey for these characters, and I know Book 3 will be awesome, but can it top Book 2? Guess we'll find out when BOOK 3 COMES OUT IN...Oh yeah, no one knows.

Guys, what if this all has symbolic meaning for us too?  What did Tenzin learn? He’s not a mirror image of his father, but his own person. What did Korra learn? She is not just a continuation of Wan, but her own person. This isn’t just about believing in yourself guys., it’s about constantly comparing yourself to your predecessors. What has the LoK fandom always done? Compared Lok to A:TLA.


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