Hello fellow Avatards! As we all know, The Search Part 3 is coming out on October 30 and I bet we all can't wait to see the exciting conclusion of this trilogy and what happened to Zuko and Azula's mom! Thankfully, the Amazon Kindle has released a few pages from The Search Part 3, but it's nothing all that huge. It has something to do with the spirit we met at the end of Part 2, The Mother of Faces!

Link here:!934434

In this preview, Aang is underwater swimming to the Mother of Faces telling her that the siblings, Rafa and Misu have been looking for her for years when he gets attacked by giant, purple spirit crabs. Out of nowhere, Aang gets blasted in the air, coming from out of the pool (which is supposed to be undisturbed). The Mother of Faces comes out of the pool, explaining that she puts faces together with all her heart and puts a piece of her own self in the face.

First off, I can't believe how tall Aang is getting! Looks like Katara got her wish ("Oh I hope he's tall!") Not much can really be said about what's going on. Hopefully the Mother of Faces will give Rafa a face. I think it's kinda nice, having a small side story from finding Ursa...of course it would be even nicer to find her so we know what happened!

Will Zuko and Azula find Ursa? Will Rafa get a face? Guess we'll find out on October 30! :D

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