Hello fellow Avatards! I can already hear the mass amounts of groaning from you all just reading the title and also people asking themselves, "Does M. Night have to ruin everything?" Well surprisingly and happily, M.Night Shyamalan is not the "mastermind" behind this future project.

Yes, I know, you're all shocked and thrilled that our worst enemy isn't going to have anything to do with this. The man that is going to be the director and producer of this is Alexander Herron, a graduate of NY University's Tisch School of the Arts with a focus in Production Design and Visual Effects.

We are also introduced to two of the actors in this project; Tobias Christian Wong who will be playing Sokka and Abigail Wahl who will be playing Suki.

These people feel that as good as the comics were, that they weren't the same as watching it with the voice acting and it deserves to come to life on screen, made by people who appreciate the world (which is why M.Night will not be a part of this). This movie will be taking the best pages from the comic series The Search, and turn in into a live action film.

So why is this important? Because these people are putting together an Avatar film that already looks a billion times better than the piece of various hybrid animal droppings that was The Last Airbender and they need help from the fans of the show and comic series to donate for the film, and it will all be used for costumes, props, location permits, equipment rental, post-production work (VFX, Scoring, etc), transportation, and hiring cast and crew members. Also, if you help donate, you'll get something in return (click the link below to find out more).

I'll be honest; I want to donate something to them, but I can't. However, I still wanted to help them spread the word because they seem very dedicated and true fans of the series (unlike someone...).

Currently, this project has earned $4,660. The goal is $18,000 and they've got 19 days left to do it! (March 14)

For more information on this project and where you can donate if you choose to do so, the link is down below!

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