Hello fellow Avatards! Well Book 2 of Korra has officially begun! What a premiere, I can't wait for Friday! So today we got a new clip on of the upcoming episode!

Link here:

So we've got Tenzin and his family relaxing at the Southern Air Temple and he says it's been great having his siblings with them on the trip, remembering the trips they took with Aang in the past. Kya is quick to correct Tenzin, that she and Bumi never went on those trips, it was only him and dad. Tenzin suggests a couple events that he could've sworn Kya and Bumi were there, but they weren't.

So I think it's easy to assume that maybe Kya and Bumi always picked on Tenzin because he was their father's "favorite". I mean, they were children, and of course siblings will get upset if they're not taken on a vacation when another is.

Also, can we not blame Aang for wanting to take Tenzin everywhere? Aang wanted to make Tenzin's life special because he was an airbender; they both had the most unbreakable bond. Knowing Aang's personality, I don't think he would purposely pick a favorite, he just wanted to be close with his airbending son. I don't think he loved his other children any less, he just had more knowlegde to give to Tenzin. I'm pretty sure Kya had the biggest connection with Katara, they're both waterbenders AND she was named after her grandmother. Lets not forget that Bumi probably spent more time with his Uncle Sokka due to them both being nonbenders and Sokka being able to teach Bumi a thing or two around the weapons.

I don't even think Aang realized that he was spending more time with Tenzin, it was just his resonsibility to teach him and take him places to show that airbenders are nomads. Maybe he just thought Kya and Bumi wouldn't have liked going everywhere.

On a different note, I think it still would've been nice if Aang had a family vacation like Tenzin is with his. Take the kids, wife, Appa...the gaang. Poor Kya and Bumi, they probably felt not good enough for their father because they weren't born as airbenders.

And really, the ending of this clip cracks me up! Meelo: Do you have a baby in there? (as he points to Bumi's stomach!) Oh the things they get away with on this show!

What do you think of this clip? What do you think will happen in Civil Wars Part 1? Guess we'll find out on Friday when Korra returns for another spendid half hour! :D

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