Hello fellow Avatards! Well, we still don't have any news about the Book 3 release date *throws a 2 year old tantrum*, but from the news we have been getting, it's almost done, and we should hopefully begin a new chapter of Korra's story around the summer time *fingers crossed*.

Aside from the one piece of information that everyone is at the edge of their seats for, Bryan Konietzko has recently posted a picture of the Book 3 villain!

Sadly, this picture isn't really high quality, but I gotta give a big thank you to Bryan for keeping us updated on this. These producers are working hard for our entertainment! Right below the picture is a small paragraph explaining the reason for the lower than usual quality of the photo:

In color correction suites they have these cool scopes and mini monitors that look like something you’d find in a vintage submarine. Usually the patterns that appear on them are indiscernible, but if an image of a face is particularly clear and contrasty a ghostly visage will emerge. Here is such an image appearing in the RGB parade on the waveform monitor of the Book 3 villain.

Anyone thinking of Star Wars right now? Is Darth Vadar our Book 3 villain? No, but lets brainstorm on this. It appears that a mask is floating down onto the body of a robot. In the first two screenshots, I had a little bit of a laugh (on the inside) because to me, the mask looks like Mako's face wearing sunglasses. Anyone else see it? Just me? Okay.

Aside from the mask, we see the upper body of this...ummm...costume? Transformer? There looks to be a human inside of it and as the mask gets closer to the robot suit, the person's head goes down. The person itself is wearing a bank robber mask and well...that's about it.

Who is this person? The Earth Queen that most of the fandom believes to be evil? The evil female character that the talented Grey Delisle will be voicing? A random character we don't know about yet? A spirit that looks like a human? Guess we'll find out when Book 3 premieres!

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