Hello fellow Avatards! Wow, has it been 10 years already? I may not have been an Avatar fan right from the
Toph's Champion's belt
beginning, but I'm really glad I started watching it a few weeks after its premiere. I think it's safe to say the Avatar has changed all of our lives for the better. It wasn't just the average cartoon; it taught us morals. We experienced characters that we could relate to. There was an actual storyline that carried on throughout the seires and missing one episode would simply not do. These characters were realistic and so was the journey. With that being said, I am happy to post the results to my Avatar Awards blog. There were only 10 participants, but you know what, that works. 10 people for the 10 year Avatar-iversary. *wipes away a tear* Without further ado, here are the results....

Best Character

Lets face it; every character of this show was good or interesting in their own, special way. I'm not gonna lie, I was surpised that none of these votes were for Aang. No, he's not my all time favorite character, but that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve at least one vote. There were, however, a few for Toph, and one for Sokka, Zuko, and
Katara smiles at coronation
Iroh, but the one character the swept away this category was the beautiful, caring, and powerful Katara! It's completely understandable as to why she's a fan favorite. Between her compassionate feelings towards helping people around her, and knowing when someone needs a good kick in the air scooters, Katara is easily a character that people could either relate to or wish they could be her. Congrats to Katara! 

Best Episode 

Really? The Great Divide didn't even get ONE vote? Hahaha, just kidding. A lot of these votes are episodes that from Book 3, but there was also a vote for the beloved Zuko Alone as well as The Tales of Ba Sing Se. The Majority of the votes went to one of the four parts of Sozin's Comet, with Part 1 being the only part that didn't get a vote. But one of the other parts managed to get more votes than any other episode in the series, making it our winner, and that is Sozin's Comet Part 3 - Into the Inferno. Sozin's Comet Parts 1-4 were an AMAZING end to a great series. It would be hard to choose a favorite, but Into the Inferno was a great choice for the winner. It wasn't the final episode, but it part of the finale. What made this episode so great? How about that Agni Kai between
Azula's vision
Zuko and Azula. Like she said, it was the showdown that was always meant to be. Sokka, Toph, and Suki taking an airship was also amazing. Also, huge shoutout to The Order of the White Lotus for being the coolest old people I've ever witnessed. Azula hallucinating her mother was a sad moment in this episode, but at least we got an idea of what was going on with her. The fight between Aang and Ozai was cool, but we all know it gets better in the next episode. Put all of these moments together and you get an epic episode! 

Best Ship

Whether canon or not, I think it's safe to say that everyone has a ship. While I'm shocked that Maiko or even Yukka didn't get a vote, I must admit, I am very pleased with the outcome of this category. Even though Sukka and Zutara managed to get a vote, the ship that takes the cake on this one is......oh, you all should know that it was Kataang. Yes, Kataang managed to get 8 votes, crowning it to be the best ship of A:TLA. Even if this isn't your favorite ship, you know this is the power couple of the show. I mean, I shipped these two before I even knew what shipping was! From the first time Aang saw Katara, we all knew he liked her...but more than normal. Katara
Katara and Aang dancing
got a fortune that she'd marry a powerful bender. That could've meant anyone that's a bender...meaning that even when Jet came back in Book 2, he wasn't it. But what bender is more powerful than the Avatar? As the show went on, their friendship became more and more close. Them sharing three kisses (not counting Aang's daydream kiss) before the finale. In the end, Katara didn't have a doubt in her mind that Aang was the person she was supposed to be with, and the series ended with them kissing, starting their relationship, not knowing that they'd end up marrying and having three awesome children. 

Best Comic

The Search hardcover

Giving everyone the option of ANY comic may or may not have made this decision harder for everyone, but it still seems like the new trilogies are mostly everyone's favorite. There was a vote for Private Fire, Relics, and The Lost Adventures, but it's no shock that at least one part of either The Promise, Search or Rift got at least one 

vote. This is also the only category that has a tie. And that tie is between The Promise and The Search trilogies. While I'm surprised that The Rift didn't get more votes, both The Promise and The Search managed to be amazing trilogies. So amazing, that not one part in particular could get a s

pecific vote. The whole trilogy of each were great! The Promise was pretty dark. What would you do if your friend made you promise to kill them if they 

The Promise hardcover

started acting like their father (your worst enemy?) Both Aang and Zuko were between a rock and a hard place, but the trilogy ended with Zuko breaking off the promise, leading him to meet up with an unstable Azula, leading it to The Search. The Search trilogy focuses more on the question every Avatar fan wanted answered in the finale; what happened to Zuko and Azula's mother, Ursa? There's a Love Amongst the Dragons reference, we get more flashbacks from between scenes from Zuko Alone, we find out that Ursa wanted to be with someone else, some of us thought that Ikem was Zuko's father, but it turns out that Ursa and Ikem got a different face, got married, and had a child; Zuko and Azula's half-sister. All in all, both comics were great, and it's totally understandable why it's hard to choose between the two. 

Best Book

There were only 3 books in this series, and even though we all know it wasn't the best one, no one voted for Water. However, the book that wins this category takes it away in a landslide, and with 9 votes, the winner is FIRE! Earth only got one vote. Our final season of A:TLA, and filled with incredible episodes, including my three
Fire Nation Royal Palace at night
personal favorites (The Ember Island Players, The Headband, and Sokka's Master) along with The Day of Black Sun, The Boiling Rock, The Avatar and the Firelord, and, of course, Sozin's Comet! From Aang waking up and having to hide his Avatar identity, to Zuko deciding to join Team Avatar, to the thrilling 2 hour finale, this book was without a doubt, the book that triumphed it all from start to finish. 

Best Quote

Oooo, this one was a toughie. Because we all know that ANY quote from the show that has some moral, meaning, personal experience, humor, pain, or any mix in between is a quote for life. As expected, the majority of the quotes picked were from the wise Uncle Iroh, but one of his famous quotes was picked twice, making it the winner. It's of course something he said to Zuko, and it was during the episode Avatar Day. Here's the
Iroh singing Girls from Ba Sing Se
quote: "You must never give into despair. Allow yourself to slip down that road, and you surrender to your lowest instincts. In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength." I'll admit, I love this quote and I'm glad it won. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't one of my quotes on my profile page. It's one of those quotes that should follow you for the rest of your life. And lets face it; every time Iroh said something that you could learn from, it only made you want him to be your uncle more. 

Best Soundtrack

Oooooo, another tough one. Jeremy Zuckerman is an AMAZING composer. A:TLA wouldn't have been nearly as good if he didn't make the soundtrack. I dare you to pick a soundtrack from the show that wasn't good. A lot of

Katara and Aang by Jasmine Dragon's balcony

soundtracks got voted for, such as Last Agni Kai, The End of Avatar, Cave Jivin', and Peace, but one soundtrack 

got three votes and that soundtrack is The Avatars Love. Ya know, the music that played when Aang and Katara kissed and then the series ended. Whether you ship Kataang or not, you can't deny that The Avatars Love is a beautiful soundtrack. It was the perfect touch to the end; the music that helped make the series complete. Anyone else catch a small part of it playing in the LOK Book 4 finale? 

Best Moment

This is arguably the toughest category to vote for. I wouldn't even know where to begin because I personally think every moment of A:TLA is special. I honestly didn't expect a winner for this one. There was a vote for Aang entering the Avatar State for the first time, Zuko and Iroh reuniting, Team Avatar holding hands at the end of The

Aang and Katara kiss

Avatar and the Firelord, Aang chasing Ozai and grabbing him with the water whip, Leaves from the Vine, and when Aang dies, but gets revived from Katara. But one moment got a total of two votes! And that is....The Kataang finale kiss! Wow, a lot of Kataang feels on the wiki. Oh, who am I kidding; I ship Kataang to no end. Would I have picked this as the best moment? I'm not so sure. The fact that the people who voted for a moment in general was cool because it's really hard to choose a specific moment from any of the episodes, but the final scene from the final episode was crowned the winner. It really it a beautiful moment for the end of the show. 

Funniest Moment

While we love A:TLA for our own personal reasons, one of those has to be the humor. If A:TLA wasn't funny at all, do you think it would've lasted? A couple people voted for Aang hallucinating during Nightmares and Daydreams, as well as Aang asking Zuko if they could still take the master after discovering they were both 

Sokka hallucinates

dragons, Aang telling Katara he'd rather kiss her than die, and Zuko and Azula in the Southern Raiders when Zuko thought she'd die falling down, but grabbed ahold of the side of a cliff. But this one moment, that got three votes, I think was personally one of the funniest Avatar moments in history and it deserves to be the winner in every way. That moment is Sokka (and Momo) on cactus juice! Who didn't die laughing during this scene? I remember when this episode first came out, I was constantly yelling out "I love the drunk Sokka!" because everything he was saying was hilarious! I love that he's stupid drunk. "How did we get out here in the middle of the ocean?" "Who lit Toph on fire?" "Why don't we ask the circle birds?" Hands down the most hilarious moment of all time!

Saddest Moment

With every humorous show also has its dark, depressing moments. There were many moments the votes put down that would make anyone tearbend, such as Yue's death, Jet's death, Zuko's flashbacks when he was at the beach, Appa's lost days, and Aang and Zuko's flashbacks during The Storm. But the moment that won is no shocker because it really was the saddest moment in the whole show and it was a very short scene. And if you don't even feel like crying when you watch this scene again, you have no soul. Yep. It's the Leaves from the Vine scene. We already knew that Iroh's only son, Lu Ten was dead and died in the war, causing a heartbroken Iroh to retire from war and retreat from Ba Sing Se. Throughout The Tale of Iroh, the first time watching, I doubt any of
Ba Sing Se sunset
us knew what the spcial occasion was. Throughout the day, Iroh is constantly making the effort to make people feel better by singing a small, crying child a song and making tea for a guy that tried to mug him as well as teach him how to do his job better. Because only Iroh would do that. Then we get to the final scene of this episode, where he's building a shrine for his son because that day was his birthday. He sang the Leaves from the Vine song and broke into tears, and that's the moment where Iroh was the most human to all of us. You can't help, but feel bad for Iroh and just want to give him a big hug right here. 

Well, those are the results. Thank you to everyone that voted! What was your favorite category? How long have you been watching the Avatar series? How do you feel about today being the 10 year anniversary of when A:TLA first premiered? Let me know in the comments! This is ATLALOK signing off! :D

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