Hello fellow Avatards!

Well, if you didn't already know, next month will be the 10 year anniversary of when our beloved cartoon
Kyoshi Medal of Freedom
series, Avatar: The Last Airbender premiered on Nickelodeon. February 21 to be exact. So, to celebrate this amazing occasion, I thought, why not host a little Avatar Awards ceremony and have people vote on the best of A:TLA. A way to highlight the things that we came to love most about the show and the reason why we still love it to this day. 

Since this is the 10 year anniversary, there will be 10 catergories to vote for. 


  • You can only nominate for each category ONCE. 
  • Since this is a celebration for A:TLA, you can only nominate things A:TLA related. Nothing from LOK. As much as I (and probably all of you) enjoy and love Legend of Korra, and it's the sequal to A:TLA, it's not A:TLA. If this was a Korra Awards thing, then it would be the other way around. 
  • If someone has already nominated something that you were going to put, that doesn't mean you can't vote for it yourself. Put it down as your nomination too! 
  • Nominations will accepted until February 17th. The blog post with the results will be posted on February 21st. 

So, without further ado, here are your categories...

Best Character 

Nominate any character from A:TLA that you think deserves the title of being the best character of all time.

Best Episode

There are 61 episodes of A:TLA. Pick the one you think was the best from beginning to end. 

Best Ship

Not trying to start a shipping war, but nominate which ship from A:TLA you think is best.

Best Comic

This can be ANY A:TLA comic. From the recent trilogies dating all the way back to the ones like Love Potion 8 or Sokka The Avatar. Just pick the comic you think is the best one yet

Best Book

There are 3 books. Water, Earth, and Fire. Which one was the best to you?

Best Quote

There have been sooo many great lines in this series. Which one impacted you the most?

Best Soundtrack

Jeremy Zuckerman is a genius with the music. Which soundtrack strikes you in just the right way?

Best Moment

Every moment of A:TLA is great, but which one is the best of all to you?

Funniest Moment

Out of all the moments of A:TLA, which one made you laugh the hardest?

Saddest Moment

Out of all the moments of A:TLA, which once made you tearbend the most?

Well, there are your categories! To keep this nomination thing fair, I will not be nominating anything (even though I really want to). It's up to you guys! I'll see you with the results on February 21st! Until then, nominate away until the 17th!

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