Hello fellow Avatards! How are we all enjoying the second season of Korra so far? For me, I've been really liking it, but this episode has got to be my favorite so far. This review/analysis is kinda a release of my feelings and thoughts because I really just gotta let it out. So read if you want, and if you haven't seen the episode yet, go watch it because there is going to be some major spoilers in this...

So everyone has arrived at Republic City and are greeted by Lin Beifong who sarcastically thanks Korra for starting a Civil War. Lin says going to a protest and needs Mako's help and when Korra wants to come along, Mako tells her to sit this one out. Asami decides to go to Future Industries and Varrick takes Bolin along for something else. Guess who's back? Back again? Beifong's back! Tell a friend! Oh I am so glad she is chief again! And I was curious about how the night out with Bolin and Varrick would bring...

Meanwhile, Meelo is trying to train his lemur, Poki how to do tricks like a dog, and Tenzin agrees to help Meelo become a Master Poke--I mean lemur trainer. I absolutely adore Meelo trying to train Poki. He's only five and he's really trying. Of course, no lemur can compare to Momo. He had so much potential in comparison.

We are then shown Unalaq at the South Pole planning to get security for the portal when Eska and Desna arrive. He needs them to bring back Korra alive because he still needs her to open the Northern Portal. Didn't he just say in the last episode that she didn't need to? And Eska, newsflash! BOLIN DOESN'T WANT TO MARRY YOU! If anything, they all saved Bolin...

So we have the protest going on, Korra is leading the Southerners and then a bomb explosion happens. Mako is the only one who gets a good look of the person setting it off, and they are not from the North, but someone else. First off A SOKKA STATUE OMG!!!!! IT EVEN HAS A BOOMERANG JGYUDEUGUYF *foams at the mouth* I really kinda slapped myself in the face when Mako saw the two guys run off and he just barely ran after them. Another thing they get away with on this show; a bombing of a very important building. Good thing a fire department has been invented now.

The next day, Korra and Varrick go to a meeting with the president and he declines the idea of sending the Untied Forces to the South and asks the two to leave. I just love how Varrick pushes Korra into the picture and that smiley face! Priceless! I can completely understand why Korra is upset with the president, but on the other hand, the president has think about what comes first and knows that will only make things worse. This is where I start to agree with Unalaq on one part; Korra has to stay neutral. Picking favorites will only make things worse.

So Korra goes to Mako's apartment and rants about her frustrations which only leads to Mako and Korra yelling at each other and Korra storms off. I do think that Korra can be frustrated about stuff, but Mako isn't picking sides and he has a job to do! Korra has to respect the fact that Mako has to put his job first sometimes and is trying to keep to city safe in his own way. On another note, MAKO AND BOLIN GOT AN APARTMENT!

Korra decides to go talk to Varrick about a plan, while running into Asami who needs to talk to him too. While there, Varrick comes up with a plan to get the United Forces without the president knowing and using the Mecha Tanks from Future Industries that will not only sell for Asami, but can be used to win the war. WE'RE GONNA SEE GENERAL IROH AGAIN! YES! And Varrick with his chili pepper-upside down thinking method, brilliant! I might try that sometime.

Bolin goes to his and Mako's apartment telling him about the plan to which Mako thinks it's a bad idea. Mako continues to look through a book of pictures of men that are possibly responsible and when Bolin turns the page, Mako identifies one of the pictures as the guy at the bombing and runs to the police station. You have to be kinda glad Mako wasn't around making this plan, Korra would've been furious with him. It's really nice to see him working with his job so focused and everything.

When Mako arrives he gets kicked out of Beifong's office because she is talking to the president and when he goes to his desk, the president approches him, noting that he's done well getting traids for a rookie and that he's dating the Avatar. He asked if Korra is planning anything illegal, reminding him of the oath he sword to uphold the law and Mako, hesitating at first, confesses. I'm proud of Mako keeping his word to law, but I practically circles around the room during the commercial break thinking when Korra finds out, she's going to be so mad.

Korra meets up with General Iroh, but before their plan could go to action the president stops them. Iroh apologizes for not being able to help Korra, but tells her she could go to the Fire Nation to meet up with the Firelord as she is good friends with people in the South. OMG YES WE SAW IROH AGAIN!!!!! AND WE MIGHT SEE ZUKO IN THE FUTURE AND HIS DAUGHTER!!!!!!! Yes, I was practically hugging the TV at this point...

So Meelo has successfully trained Poki...and every other lemur on the temple. Tenzin admits to creating a monster and decides that Meelo should take a break from training. I was dying of laughter so much when all the lemurs came out and listened to Meelo! I applase this *claps*

While Varrick is filming Bolin in some Water Tribe get up, Korra comes in saying to keep an eye on Naga and if she could borrow a speed boat to go to the Fire Nation. Korra doesn't know how the president got the info about the plan, until Bolin said he told Mako. First off, Bolin in that Water Tribe outfit with open abs? Purrrrr. (Sorry, Bolin fangirl over here...) And ooooooooh no, Korra is mad now. She's about to get all Avatar State in Mako's face.

Korra goes to the police station and confronts Mako about being betrayed by him, only for him to say he was asked a direct question from the president. One thing leads to another and Mako breaks up with Korra. Korra leaves and Lin comes in asking what happened, and Mako tells her. Jeez Korra, he's in an office with other people! Shouldn't this be private! I do feel bad for Korra; yeah she yells at Mako a lot, and needs to understand that he can't disobey the law being a part of it, but despite all that, just look at the face she made after Mako said there wasn't enough room for their relationship. As for Mako, I feel bad for him too. He loves Korra. He broke up with her, but he STILL loves her and you can tell. He couldn't even look at her right in the eye when he did it, it hurt too much. And Lin just made this episode for me! What the flameo? and the best quote of the whole season so far: "You should've seen Air Temple Island after Tenzin broke up with me." Moral of that sentence. Don't mess with a Beifong.

So Korra is on the speed boat, letting a single tear out, when Eska and Desna start attacking her. In the middle of the attack, A giant spirit comes out, and as Korra tries to use the same method to calm it as Unalaq, it fails and the spirit send Korra underwater. I honestly don't know which reason Korra is crying. Is it because Mako broke up with her or because she feels betrayed by him? I guess it could be both. Also Eska, Korra didn't ruin anything, you're just the overly attached girlfriend of the show and that's why you'll no be with Bolin. I thought Korra had the spirit there for a second, but when it pinned her into the water I was like...WHAT!?

Pros Of This Episode:

  • Sokka Statue
  • Lin Beifong
  • General Iroh
  • Bolin Character Development
  • Mako staying true to the oath he swore
  • Varrick's method of coming up with a plan
  • Possibly seeing the Firelord and Zuko in the future
  • Meelo the Master Lemur Trainer
  • "What the Flameo?" and "You should've seen Air Temple Island after Tenzin broke up with me"


  • Mako being the laughing stock of his co-workers
  • Eska still after Bolin
  • Korra yelling at Mako for doing his job


  • Mako breaking up with Korra. Yeah, me being a Makorra shipper...pretty broken up about this (pun intended), but in a way, Korra had it coming after her yelling at him so much. Will they get back together. Probably. In this season, maybe. By the end of the series...most likely. I can't hide the fact that I am sad that it happened. In a way, Bolin kinda foreshadowed the breakup in Civil Wars Part 1; "I'm so glad you're good a breaking girls' hearts! Korra better watch out!" Looks like Mako ripped off a leech! Except for him, I feel like he ripped off a bunch of leeches. Some on his arms, legs, face, and one that was on his heart...

Predictions for The Sting:

  • Korra getting away from the spirit
  • Mako slightly regretting the breakup
  • Bolin on the town with Varrick
  • Air Temple Island side story of awesomeness
  • Eska finds Bolin

Overall this episode had be at the edge of my seat. I laughed, I tearbended, and I screamed a couple times.

This episode gets a 8.5/10 flameos for me!

What did you think of this episode? What will happen next? Guess we'll find out next week in a new episode of KORRA!

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