Hello fellow Avatards! I can't exactly share with you our newest picture we got from Bryan Konietzko (seriously, we need to just take a moment to appreciate all he's doing. Working so hard to make all of us happy and keeping up updated. *applause*) If you want to see the offical picture go on his Tumblr and TechFilmer's blog here:,_Bumi,_and_Tenzin_sneak_peak_photo

As stated by TechFilmer, we have have Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin! All the Kataang babies together!!! None of them look happy, they all look terrified. Bumi looks almost nothing like himself compared to the 5 seconds we saw him in the season finale. Kya (who we haven't seen in the show yet) looks like a combination of terrified, angry, and disgusted. And Tenzin...he looks like he's handling his terror pretty well, being "rather serious" as Katara would say.

From the looks of it, I believe they're at the Southern Tribe and whatever is happening offscreen can't be good. It's around night time and at first glance, I thought that was storm clouds until I saw the it's just a big tree. What could be happening? Korra in a fight with a spirit? Maybe something happening to Katara?

Also, Bryan says Book 2 isn't coming until around winter?!?!?! *sigh* I was deeply afraid of hearing this. I was expecting to hear something like a couple months maybe...from over sources it's to be said that Book 2 is premiering in the fall IN CANADA! So if that's true, I think you Canadians are awful lucky to get it before any other country.

Well I guess this is all the speculation I have for now. What will happen in Book 2? Will Korra find something we never thought possible? Guess will find out when Book 2 premieres in the winter! (hopefully earlier if possible)

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