Hello fellow Avatards! So as usual, we STILL don't have a release date for season 2 of Legend of Korra (and if we don't have one by the time summer break is over, I will expload). However, Bryan Konietzko has been really good about keeping us updated on color corrections and giving us a little preview on what to expect. This time, it's not a picture of one of our protaganists, it's an adorable, little lemur that brings back memories of Momo (and might even be cousins of Momo or something because this lemur looks almost NOTHING like Momo)

Those big, orange eyes are just so cuuuuuuuuute! Of course no lemur can replace Momo, I mean Momo has a very special place in my (and probably every other Avatar fans) heart and his character was just a prefect addition for the original series. I'm 100% sure this little guy is gonna be voiced by Dee Bradly Baker (very talented guy; able to make animal noises to perfection and is an incredible voice actor). What could be happening in the exact scene? One of the airbabies trying to play with the animals? Guess we'll have to find out when Legend of Korra, Season 2: Spirits premieres!!! (whenever that will be, hopefully soon!)

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