Hello fellow Avatards! We are all probably impatiently waiting for Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirits to get a release date. Sadly, there is still no release date that I know of out :(. However, we do know some news about Book 2 AND 3.

  • Grey DeLisle (voice of Azula) will be voicing three characters! (The Dark Spirit, a younger version of an established character, and one more unknown)
  • The voice actors are already recording lines for Book 3
  • The identity of Lin's father will be revealed in Book 2 or 3
  • Book 2 or 3; a subset of airbending will happen

Sorry, but that's all I got for you. Who do you think Grey DeLisle is voicing as the younger version? It could be Korra, Asami, Lin, Kya, Pema, who? Also, I know there have been crazy speculations before book 1 even started, but who is Lin's father? I personally think her father is a character we've never seen before. I feel like that would change things up a bit. As for the younger version, I could see her voicing a younger Asami. So until the wait, lets just hang in there a little longer because the next season has to premiere eventually! :)

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