Hello fellow Avatards! First of all, if you read my title thinking we got a trailer or some short clip for next season, that's not the sneak peek, so I apologize if I got your hopes up. However, we have another picture!

Bryan Konietko posted a color correction picture on his tumblr.  It's a picture of Bolin and Eska in the streets of Republic City. Now, I've had my doubts on Bolin and Eska being a couple, (which were cleared up in a previous blog, thank you to those that cleared int up for me.) but here I think Bolin might be asking Eska out or admitting he might like her or something, and I think by the look on Eska's face she might turn him down (hopefully gently) because of her being the current princess of the Northern Water Tribe and the customs of the Northern Tribe, she will most likely tell him she is or will be engaged to be married to someone else. I mean yeah, that's like Sokka and Yue all over again, but at least she won't turn into the moon spirit.

Feel free to make your own predictions of what's going on in this scene.

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