Hello fellow Avatards! Well, it's been quite the final season now, hasn't it? From Korra learning how to walk again to her recovering with the help of Zaheer, I'd say this has been a very intense and emotional season. To add onto these factors, we have the final seconds of the newest episode right before the thrilling finale, Kuvira's Gambit. Personally, I thought this was a pretty good episode. Wu is actually proving himself to be a good future king; for the most part, I wouldn't mind him ruling the Earth Kingdom. We saw a lot of old faces (I hate Tahno, but it was good to see him again after all this time). We got an Iroh II cameo (which is always great), but there was one specific part of this episode that has people panicing. No, not the part where Mako was reading through that book telling everyone where to look in the book to go (he's such a dork :P). I'm talking about the last minute of this episode that has our fandom in internal tears. Why? Well if you haven't seen the episode, I'd suggest to find out why, but if you've seen it, you should know. There's a possibility that at least one of our beloved characters is dead. *GASP* Whhhhhaaaaaaaaaaat? I thought since this is already getting looked into anyway, why not give my own analysis on based by the last scenes of the characters trying to escape, who's alive, and who might not have made it. So enjoy!

Before I get into the analysis, here's the pictures via tumblr (with another analysis).

Now, lets get this party started!

Asami - I want to get her out of the way because she is NOT DEAD. Why? She wasn't even at this kidnapping, therefore, she is the only member of Team Avatar to be completely safe.

Korra - Though she was here for the explosion, she is closest to the escaping the room. That, and her being the main character are two factors that she's still alive. Why have a finale without the Avatar?

Bolin - Yes, he was at this meeting. We don't see him running away from the explosion, meaning that he was probably close to the door, so there is a chance that he survived.

Su - She was right behind Korra during the explosion, but if you can't tell, the remains of the building look like they're collapsing under her feet. I personally think she survived and will be exiting the remains with minor injuries.

Baatar Jr - Pretty much the same fate as his mother. Possibly has more injuries due to the fact he's not wearing metal armor.

Wei and Wing - The twins were right behind their mother, meaning the ground beneath them collapsed under them before it got to Su. Their chance of survival is about a 50/50 to me, but due to their metal armor, I think they'll make with with some injuries. They might not be able to fight in the battle, but at least they probably survived, right?

Opal - We don't see her running away from the explosion, so my guess is she's off screen and close to a door. She most likely survived.

Bumi - Same as Opal.

Varrick and Zhu Li - Both were there and stood very close to side door. My guess is that they escaped, and if not, one of them made it, but the other is most likely to be suffering for major injuries. Seeing as these two are both big parts of the Book 4 plot, I think both of them survived.

Random Airbenders - Some members of the Air Nation attended this kidnapping, and were very close to some doors. If they didn't make it out in time, a couple probably are sufferng from injuries, but seeing as they were close to the door, they all most likely survived. About a 90/10.

Tenzin - Episode 11 just hasn't worked out for you these past couple seasons, has it, Tenzin? He was behind Baatar Jr, but it looked like he was quite a distance away, and closer to the explosion. To me, his chance of surviving this is slim, but if he by some micacle he made it, he probably has major injuries and will not be able to participate in the battle.

Mako - There's a reason I saved this guy for last. Mako was the one who saw the weapon pointing directly at them. HE WAS RIGHT AT THE WINDOW. Meaning that he's closer to the explosion than anyone else in that room. It pains me to think he's dead. I know some fans have harsh feelings towards Mako, but I never did because I knew that between the love triangle and arguments he's gotten in, he never means to hurt anyone on purpose. He's come a loooong way. He's the biggest dork on this show and I love him for that. If anyone is to be dead right now, it's him. Like Tenzin, if he by some HUGE MIRACLE survived, that means that he's either just barely alive by the heartstrings or he's suffering from terrible injuries. I'm talking broken bones, people. Don't cry just yet, Mako fangirls, because think of this. If he did survive, that means his hair is messed up and his shirt is ripped apart. Hehehehe, I like teasing...

Well, there's your analysis! Who do you think lived? Who do you think is dead? Guess we'll find out when this final finale of Korra premieres next Friday! (Oh, it hurts just thinking about it...)

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