Hello fellow Avatards! Once again, Bryan Konietzko isn't letting us down when it comes to giving us little sneak peaks on Tumblr of Book 2: Spirits and we've got another picture that can give us more speculations of what to expect!

In this picture we have Korra and Verick. If you don't already know, Verick is a resident of the Southern Tribe and a close friend of Bolin. The two are sitting in a room and I'm pretty sure there's someone off screen talking to them due to both of them looking somewhere offscreen. While Verick looks intriqued, Korra looks sincere. From the background, they look like they're in Republic City and I'm guessing that they're inside Verick's home considering the the inside of the building looks unfamiliar. If there is someone talking to them offscreen, who is it? Bolin? Mako? Tenzin? My guess is Bolin considering they're friends.

Between getting a clip, leaked pictures, and this which isn't even a color correction, ("Mixing some Book 2. Adrian on the board. Mike is my copilot" -Bryan) I'd say we're about as close to getting a release date as we anyone can get. I'm still predicting the release date we'll be announced during Comic Con 2013 which is only a month away, so keep your fingers crossed for Book 2: Spirits to be released soon!

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