Hello fellow Avatards! Well LOK Book 2 is in 12 days! Arguably, the most contributing tumblr page dedicated to all things Korra is KorraNation. It recently made a website where you can win prizes by joining, connecting with social networks, and sharing information on those networks.

Now a part of me thinks it's kind of unfair. Yeah, they'll give you prizes for sharing news on websites, BUT some people have more fans of Korra than others. The top person on the leaderboard with almost 50,000 points for sharing things and getting people to click on the link is KorraSpirit who has a YouTube and says she'll be giving away some of the prizes she wins. That I do find fair, but still, it's not fair due to you not having much of a choice.

However, you can win prizes if you have at least 500 points. And sadly, yes I did join the website, I want prizes so much. (Don't kill me!)

So, I am sharing my link, I do not expect you to click it, but if you choose to join the website to win prizes, I promise I'll click on your links!  We all deserve to be winners! :D I don't have contact with any of you outside this wiki, so if you do join, comment below so I (and hopefully others) will click on your links. LETS TRY TO HELP EACH OTHER OUT!

Good luck to all who join and try to win prizes, I wish you all the best! :D

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