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Hello fellow Avatards! Tis I, ATLALOK with a very exciting interview for the FFF. I interviewed the master of all typhoons....*drum roll*....Typhoonmaster about his heart stopping, tearjerking, adventure thrilling fanon Nirvana. It's an original story about two young adults travelling the world and trying to discover themselves. The journey just gets you right in the blood pumper! Well, without further ado, here's how the interview went down!

1. How are you?

I'm doing well! I went to Las Vegas for vacation and now I'm just living it up with my friends before we leave for college.

2. Wow, that sounds awesome! Hope college life treats you well! So, how did you come up with the idea that is Nirvana?

I wanted to write something different than other fanons on the portal. I always loved the cultural details and balance of Avatar, so I wanted to replicate some of that in my own way. One of the most impactful attributes of the show is it's world-building quality. Those influences came together and shaped my "idea that is Nirvana."

3. What time period is this story taking place in?

I never specifically say the date, but with careful reading, one can tell that this story takes place a long time before Aang and Korra.

4. Who's telling the story in the prologue? I recall you mentioning that the person is mysterious.

That person doesn't have a name and he is basically just the narrator. He sets the tone of the story.

5. Which character do you like writing about the most: Grace, Wake, Hunter, or Sikhi?

I like all characters for different reasons, but it's a tie between Grace and Wake. They are the main characters and different sides of the story are told through them.

6. What was your purpose of giving Wake a pet?

I thought Appa and Momo gave the story such a unique perspective so I wanted mine to follow the same model.

7. Chapter 11 is written very differently than the chapters previous of it, but in a remarkable way. What was your intentions here?

Chapter 11 is obscure and abstract because I wanted to simulate the experience of a dream or vision. Bits and pieces of an idea manifest themselves as landscape or emotion.

8. Why did you choose for Grace's parents to die? And why in such a terribly dramatic, but wonderfully written, way?

You might want to put a spoiler for this question :P  

Up until Chapter 13, the story had a calm, somewhat beautiful feel. The Island is similar to paradise in the way the waves roll back and forth ceaselessly. As bad as this sounds, I wanted to tear that idea down. Ren and Fay's deaths represent a loss of innocence and the brutality of the world.

I have to give a lot of credit to Minnichi for proof reading and helping me with that scene. I couldn't have done it without her.

9. Well that chapter sure threw a curve ball to the readers! So, how did Grace survive the fire?

That will be explained in the future ;)

10. So, we move on to Book 2: Fall and we are introduced to a new character Sikhi. Where did the idea of him come from?

I wanted to tap into a younger, lighter character because Wake and Grace are both older and are under a considerable amount of pressure. I thought Sikhi would provide a healthy balance of light to a exceedingly dark circumstance.

11. We are also introduced to Sidd in this book. Why was Sidd climbing the mountain in Chapter 17?

Sidd has a somewhat mysterious past but he is well-traveled and he comes from very far away. As a child he lived within the confines I a palace for most of his life an he wanted to see as much of the world as possible.

12. When Wake gave Grace the fire to keep her warm, why did you write for her to accept it instead of being afraid of it? She almost died because of a fire!

That's a good insight. I wrote it that way to start her healing process. Fire can be destructive but it can also be warm and life-giving. It was important for Grace to see the full picture.

13. Why did Grace react so angrily after Wake started to cry in Chapter 23?

Grace has a very strong belief about justice. She does not understand why the world can be so terrible and cruel for seemingly no reason. In Chapter 23 Wake is starving and dehydrated and on the verge of death; Grace cannot fathom why this is what he deserves for saving her.

14. In the same chapter, Wake discovers he has these Avatar-like comparisons. Why him? What triggered them?

Wake was at his lowest point physically, mentally, and spiritually. It's hard to say why it happened to HIM; that's his mission to figure out. Nirvana is a story of discovery "because" Wake and Grace have to uncover these sides of themselves.

15. The little side-story in Chapter 28 with the prince and monkey was a very short, but well-detailed part of the chapter. What inspired you to write it into the beginning of the chapter?

That story is both a flashback and a metaphor that alludes to a major theme of the story: desire. It teaches the lesson of what happens if one doesn't "let go."

16. What can we expect to see happen in future chapters?

Snow. Lots and lots of snow.

17. And finally, how does it make you feel that Nirvana has won multiple awards?

I am very thankful for the awards, but I am most thankful for my readers like Sep, ARG, Henry, OR, and Kyoshidude. The comments mean the world to me, and it's their advice that is most influential.  

Well that's the conclusion for this interview! Thank you to Ty for being not just being an awesome person to interview with, but for giving me an interview to do after I had to personally leave a message on his wall asking him if I could read one of his fanons! :D As for Nirvana, seriously...if you have not read it. Go read it now. Nirvana is one of those stories where when you're reading it, you get lost into the story and feel like you're there with the characters, experiencing the journey with them. But when you're not reading the story, you can't stop thinking about it and wish that you could have a journey worth to tell.

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