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Hello fellow Avatards! As you can tell by the title of this blog, this is for the FFF, but it's no interview. Instead, the Fanon Fact Finders need new, determined, and hardworking people to become a part of the FFF community!

It is a sad day to report that the beloved Fruipit has officially resigned, and the FFF not only needs one new person to take her place, but we need TWO people to step forward and give interviewing their best shot!

Also, for those of you that requested for your fanon to be read, and that person is now no longer a member, I apologize for the inconvenience. If you would like to, I'd suggest waiting until the FFF gets new members to request your fanon. The future members will need all the experience they can get! :D 

What We're Looking For:

The FFF needs dedicated readers and authors. Basically, you have to like fanon, you have to like reading it, and you have to be able to look at the story and try to see other possibilities for it. Ask yourself; why did the author choose to do this? Why is it set in this place? Why are the characters the way they are? 

With that being said, you don't have to be a fanon WRITER to join the FFF. You could've just joined today and you could still apply and have a huge chance of getting in. As long as throughout your interview, you can highlight some of the truly fantastic aspects of the fanon and the person who wrote it, and are willing to read stories that can sometimes be incredibly long. Just remember; it's not the length of the story that matter because it could be just a good as a short story. 

If you're interested, just leave a comment below :D do you apply???

Well, the FFF can't just accept you by you telling us you're interested. You have the SHOW us too. What we're going to do is get you to read a story, think of well thought out questions, but the author won't answer them. When searching for an interviewer, we don't care about the answers. We care about the questions and how interesting and unique they are. Questions that not only make the author think about the story they're writing, but questions that make the readers of that fanon think as well. 

The fanon that you will be reading and making interview questions about is a fanon that hasn't been discontinued (at least I hope not!), but hasn't had a new chapter come out in a long time. It does, however, have an intriguing storyline and it is a good length for beginners. To apply, you must read Inheritance. Make sure to read all the policies regarding interviewing (the minimum number of questions required for a story would be the best one to read) on the official FFF page. Also, if you're feeling stuck, feel free to to take a look a previous interviews. 

The best advice I can give you is to make the interview about the AUTHOR and THEIR story. Certain questions that will make them feel special and proudly look back at what they've written, such as 'What is your favorite chapter', but just know that you didn't need to read their fanon at all to ask a question like that. It still is a good thing to ask, nonetheless. :P


I don't know how do to coding!

That's okay! I don't use it! If you know how to code and make your interview page look like it has a fancy touch added to it, then do it! You don't have to make it look so complicated, but if you want to use coding, you're quite welcome to! (go to the blog and type '?action=edit' at the end of the URL). We're not looking for a beautiful appeal to the interview; your questions are far more important than how the overall presentation will look. 

How do I send you my interview? I have no answers!

To completely apply, you need to put your questions and/or coding into a sandbox entitled 'FFFTest' in your userspace. After they have all be submitted, one of the current members of the FFF will copy it to a FFF Sandbox for posterity, and then you can do whatever you want with it later on. 

When is this due? While we don't want to stress out any of the people who want to apply, for this test, we want you all to understand how much punctuality means in the FFF community. While Inheritance isn't that long, I think it's fair enough to give you from now until March 31st to read the story, come up with questions, and create the sandbox. Don't stress out about this! 

How many questions do we need?

According the FFF policy, for a one-shot, it is 8, and for series 12. This is the MINIMUM number of questions. If you can think of more, whatever the amount, for the author, then ask them! The more the readers can find out about the author the better! 

If you have any more questions, don't be afraid to message either Snivystorm or myself . Best of luck to all the applicants, and remember to have fun! If you don't get in, trust me, there will be another chance!

This is ATLALOK, signing off

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