Hello fellow Avatards! So as we all know, Civil Wars Part 1 premiered today and in my opinion it was a great episode! I honestly think it was good in both the main story and the substory with Tenzin and his family.

So we've got these Northern Troops guys taking control, and while watching, Unalaq explains to Korra that they're here to help reunite with the South and that she has to open another portal at the Northern Tribe. Of course Unalaq gives her all the buttering up confidence she needs and excepts.

Then we got Tenzin and his family at the Southern Air Temple and he starts to remember the great times he had with his siblings with dad. However, Kya reminds him that only he went on trips with dad. Not too long after, Jinora and Meelo show up, and it is discovered by Pema that Ikki has gone missing because Jinora and Meelo were picking on her. Tenzin decides to go look for her with the help of Kya and Bumi. What I want to know here is what could the two have said to Ikki that made her upset enough to run away. There's only so much a kid her age can handle...

We come back to the Southern Tribe where a meeting is held at Tonraq and Senna's home by Varrick who cannot stop obsessing over cookies and wants to start a war between the two tribes which frustrates Korra. Tonraq convinces Korra to talk to Unalaq about not starting a civil war to which she accepts she'll do for the tribe.

Then we got Bolin with the twins and oh my spirits...what kind of laughs were that? I'm not going to sleep right tonight and I know it! After the two walk away, Bolin catches up with Mako and desparately explains how he wants to break up with Eska. Mako surprising gives Bolin love/break up advice (because it went sooo well when he did it to Asami....just kidding) and to be honest, I'm loving Mako's advice. Bolin: Korra better watch out! Mako: >:(  Mako: Just break up with her. Guys do it all the time.... Well you would know, wouldn't you Mako! (Again, just kidding)

Korra confronts Unalaq about how she doesn't want a civil war to break out, and he tells her he's reuniting the tribes not invading. Korra is unsure of herself despite more of Unalaq's buttering up session...

In the streets, so kids knock some snow on the Northern troops (I must say, I did find much joy with that part) But seriously? They're just little kids having fun! Those troopers weren't so mature knocking them down! They're kinda like those Earth Kingdom guys in Zuko Alone, with the exception that those guys were just plain bullies. I'm happy that those Sourthern guys stood up for the little ones! And then Korra comes in and tries to convince both sides that they are from the same tribe only upsetting the Southern guys and a little girl threw a snowball at Korra calling her the worst Avatar ever. Does no one in this tribe understand that Korra is trying to be neutral? Yes, this is the one thing I can ACTUALLY agree with on Unalaq; she has to be neutral. When it comes to the Avatar's duties (heh heh...duty...doodie..I'm pulling a Bumi here...) you can't pick sides; you have to neutral jin. She has to wait and listen before striking. Oh and then Tonraq comes in, settles the fight, but when he tries to talk to Korra, she's already gone with Naga.

Back at the Temple, we got the Kataang kids searching for Ikki with no luck and Kya and Bumi both agree that they didn't have the best childhood and Kya points out that Tenzin doesn't spend enough with his kids and his just like their dad. I think we all know it's normal for kids to argue, but lets face it...there's something between these kids that needs to be solved.

Back at the Southern Tribe, Korra explains her frustrations to Mako (and he calls her sweetie! AH! *fangirls* Sorry guys, Makorra shipper here.. those two dorks were made for each other!) and he suggests that they go out for the night, just the two of them...which turns into five with Bolin, Eska and Desna. Seriously! Why can't Desna let it be a double date! He's practically the fifth wheel...

Continuing with the Kataang kids searching for Ikki, Bumi goes on and on about a story when he was in the United Forces. Kya and Tenzin both seem to be displeased with his rambling until they reach a waterfall with footprint around it. Bumi suggests to go down the rocks around the waterfall, concerning Kya and Tenzin, but Bumi manages to convince them to go down it because it's faster (by 50 times!) They make it down before him due to their advantages of bending and Bumi slips and falls, hitting his head. Come on, Bumi! You know you can't do everything just like they can, but I give the man props for trying. Sigh...just like Uncle Sokka.

Now we come back to the Southern Tribe where Korra has a conversation with her mother. Finally so mother daughter time here! Korra explains how she feels betrayed by dad because he lied to her her whole life and that all she ever wanted to be was the Avatar. Senna tries to talk Korra out of getting into the middle of a rebellion, running by Varrick, but Korra says that she already is, leaving on Naga concerning her mom. When she arrives to Unalaq's place, she sees some guys from the rebellion capturing Unalaq and thinking one of the guys is Tonraq. She tries to stop everyone from capturing Unalaq, and it is revealed that the guy that grabbed ahold of Unalaq is NOT Korra's dad. Okay, just wanna take a moment to express how awesome it was to see Korra take all those guys out! Unalaq thanks Korra for saving him and she convinces him to hold a trail rather than just throwing everyone in jail. There we go! A great compromise made by a great Avatar!

We're back with the Kataang kids where Kya is healing Bumi and tells him he can't do everything like a bender, but he just says that he's not their mother. Kya yells at Tenzin for her being the only one who moved to the Southern Tribe to help their mom out after Aang passed away (breaks my heart every time I hear them talk about his death) and Tenzin talks about how Bumi is the oldest, but acts like the youngest and how he had to be the responsible one only leading to Kya and Bumi leaving Tenzin alone to find Ikki. I think it's safe to say that these three will be at peace by the season finale...

Last (but not least), Korra goes to visit her parents crying in her father's arms apologizing for thinking he was involved with the rebelliomn and the stress she caused them both. The three have a very heart to heart touching moment (I almost cried) when Unalaq interrupts and says that Tonraq and Senna are under arrest for trying to assassinate him. WHAT?!?!?! THEY TRIED WHAT?!?!! Tonraq just stated he'd never do ANYTHING as far as to hurt his brother and Senna would never get involved in this! This is why I didn't trust Unalaq from the start! What kind of purpose is he trying to make here?

Okay, so before I end this blog post, here are my five favorite quotes from this episode!

Meelo: Do you have a baby in there *points to Bumi's stomach*

Mako: Ending a relationship is kinda like pulling off a bloodsucking leech. You just gotta rip it off and get it over with. You'll feel a lot bettwe afterwards, trust me.

Kya: He was so focused on saving the world and doing his duty *points at Bumi* don't laugh.

Kya: You were right, Bumi! That was faster! Tenzin: At least 50 times faster! By my calculations!

Korra: Mom, dad, of course I still need you.

So discuss your thought in the comment section below? How did you feel about this episode? Favorite parts? Least favorite parts? What will happen in the next episode?

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