Hello fellow Avatards! Yes, you read that title correctly; Book 4 is coming out on October 3rd THIS YEAR. It was annouced by the lovely and talented Bryke today and I think this is an utter shock to the whole fandom. It was revealed over a week ago that Book 4 will be out in January in Australia, so I'm pretty sure we all thought the wait would be just as long in other countries. Nope. OCTOBER.

For LOK, the release date from both Book 3's beginning and end is not so far apart. To me, this is great news because I am craving some more Korra episodes after that finale, but I think we are all aware that the sooner Book 4 is ends just as fast. I don't mean to get sentimental, and feel free to skip this part, but as for many of you, I grew up watching ATLA. It was unlike any other cartoon I had ever seen because unlike Avatar, cartoons like Spongebob for example, had an episode plot, but that was it. Every episode of other cartoons I had watched before Avatar were different, which was cool...but then Avatar came along, and the plot was the same throughout the whole show, it had amazing character development, great humor, epic battle, and was just incredible as a whole. Sadly, it took me until I got a little older to really appreciate the show for all of these qualities and all the work that was put into this show. When it ended, I felt like something was missing. Probably the fact that we never found out what happened to Zuko's mom, but when I found out about LOK and the comic books, I was so happy. Not just because we were getting a sequal of the next Avatar and learning more about Aang's journey, but also because I like to hear other peoples' thoughts and knowing that there are other people that watch this show and love it as much as I do is awesome! ATLA and LOK are easily my favorite shows ever.

Okay, now that that's over, I'd like to add some Book 4 predictions as it is now officially around the corner...

  • Kuvira is going to be a villain - I think this prediction is pretty much how the entire fandom feels towards her. Yeah, she saved Tonraq's life, but no one in this show states their name without them being important somehow. Also, when she stated her name, that music and smile across her face really made me suspicious of her. And lets not forget the recent commercial for Book 3 on Nicktoons that showed two very quick clips of Kuvira in which she looked kinda evil. I think she'll be a major issue this upcoming season...
  • Mako dealing with the fact that he killed someone - Remember that epic part of the Book 3 finale when Mako was against Ming Hua and he electrocuted her, causing her to DIE? Me too, because hey, he could've easily done that five episodes earlier -_-. Whether he had defeated her then or when he did, he ended up killing her, and I gotta give him a huge high five. However, I just get this aching feeling that Mako is going to have a harder time with this than he thinks. Think about it; his parents were killed right in front of him at a young age, and at that time, probably never thought he'd do something like that. I'll also remind you that his parents were killed by a FIREBENDER. Mako is a firebender and killed Ming Hua. Where I'm going with this is that Mako will probably wake up from having intense nightmares from killing her and feeling like it haunts him the way it did when his parents were killed. Why do I like this idea? It would give Mako GREAT character development, which he has had, but I think he deserves to be further explored. Asami said it herself, he's not a "in-touch-with-his-feelings-guy" so this might make him one with his feels.
  • Korra healing - This is pretty obvious. We see Korra in the Book 3 finale healing both physically and emotionally. She is suffering with PTSD and is going to need a lot of support and healing. Perhaps this is why we'll be seeing Katara in Book 4? I can already invision her trying to stand up by herself, and she does it! Oh, this season is going to shread me to pieces...
  • Master Jinora helping the world - THE GIRL GOT HER TATTOOS!!! YAY!!!! And as we learned, the Air Nomads will be traveling the world, and Jinora is supposed to lead them in this new age. I'm really interested to see how she'll help the world and be the best master a little airbending girl can be because in Books 2 and 3, she was INCREDIBLE.
  • Bolin and lavabending - It was no shocker that Bolin would lavabend instead of metalbend, but I'm really curious as to what this new skill will do for him. Yes, it makes him a more advanced bender, but what can he do with lavabending that will help the world? At most, he'll probably use it in fights and knowing him, probably say something like "I lava you," to Opal. Speaking of Opal, I hope that Bopal is a foreverlasting ship.
  • Asami being the bestest friend Korra could ever have - Korra and Asami is what every friendship between two women should be like. So they dated the same guy, big deal. That didn't get in the way of them spending the majority of Book 3 together, which is now leading to Asami probably being Korra's moral support in her recovery. I really hope to see Asami give Korra pep talks about getting back out on the world and just being the cool nonbending character that she is.
  • Makorra together again...or not? - Whether some of you like it or not, Makorra is endgame and has been from the very start. It really wouldn't shock me if they got back together at the end of Book 4, but at the same time, there's this huge chance I think Book 4 will end without any couples between the main characters (minus Bolin being with Opal). Why? Korra has been through a LOT. Depending on how long its been since Book 3's finale and what happens throughout Book 4, it really is tough to say if Korra will be ready or not to go back into a relationship, especially with someone she broke up with. The only way I can see Makorra end up together is if Mako talks to Korra about his feelings or something.

Well, that's all I got. Will Korra being recovering well since we last saw her? Is Mako going to be having internal issues to deal with? Will I be able to contain my joy over the Book 4 from now till October 3rd? Probably not, but as for other things, we will find out when Book 4 premieres on OCTOBER 3rd!!!!

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