Hello fellow Avatards! Well, Book 3 premiered almost a month ago, and we're already 7 episodes in! Everyone enjoying it so far? I know I am! To get on a more delicate topic, instead of our usual 2 episodes a night on Friday at 8, we will only be have one episode this upcoming Friday...and then no more Korra until who knows when.

What's the reason for this? Well sadly, Korra episodes have not been getting good TV ratings, just barely over the 1 million mark. Are we at fault for this? NO! You know who is at fault? Nickelodeon.

Remember the days when Avatar: The Last Airbender were on TV? I do, and I remember tons and TONS of commercials advertising the upcoming episodes. You know what that resulted in? HIGH TV RATINGS! There was at least one advertisement for ATLA at every commercial break. Two if we were lucky. They advertised ATLA to no end!

Now, the sequal of this show comes along. I remember there being a some commercials for Book 1. A lot more then we're getting now. Nickelodeon has not be advertising LOK at all in comparison to ATLA. There's usually one commercial after the episode ends, and one at like every other commerical break about an hour before the show starts.

The question here is why is Nickelodeon upset about these ratings when they're not taking part in advertising it enough for some other fans to know when it'll be on next?

I have my theory. Nickelodeon was quite pleased with how ATLA did, so they asked if Mike and Bryan wanted to create another show based around the Avatar world. Our genius creators accepted the offer! They decided to make it a little different; they made the main character a female. GIRL POWER FTW. Sadly, this idea did not sit well with the people that work at Nickelodeon, and wanted them to change that. The reason for that is, and I quote, "girls will watch shows about boys, but boys won't watch shows about girls," which oddly enough was stated by Bryan. Obviously, Bryke did not change Korra to a male character, and although Nickelodeon was probably not happy with it, they agreed to go along with it. What does this have to do with the ratings? Simple. Though they agreed to let the Avatar be female, Nickelodeon was unhappy with how that would turn out. They seemed to play nice at first, after it aired on TV, the commercials became less, and down went the ratings. If we can all remember, Book 1 aired every Saturday morning at 11. Why did Nickelodeon change that? It was doing perfectly there! The ratings weren't low at all! When Book 2 came along, episodes moved to Friday nights at 8, no 7, no 8:30...MULTIPLE TIME AREAS! How could anyone keep up with that? Now we have Book 3. Still on Friday nights. No one had a clue when it would premiere until a week BEFORE. And now we have more than one episode every Friday. The ratings are barely holding on in the millions! Why? POOR ADVERTISING! Why? Because Nickelodeon can't respect LOK for having a female lead.

Now listen, I love Nickelodeon. It was the main source of my childhood, a probably a lot of yours too. But it is so obvious that they don't care about LOK. Why bother asking Bryke to make a show if you'd be unhappy with what they had to offer?

There are some downfalls to my theory. There have been other shows with female leads on Nick, both cartoon and live action, such as My Life as a Teenage Robot, Unfabulous, Zoey 101, The Mighty Bee and etc. Yes, the cartoon ones are kind of a poor example, considering The Mighty Bee was cancelled about a year after it aired, but the point is that all these shows were on before Korra. What was that quote again? "girls will watch shows with boys, but boys won't watch shows with girls." All these shows had girls as the main character(s). And they all had the male gender watching them. They seemed to be okay with the female leads in these shows; there were plently of advertisements for them. Why not LOK? Is a female lead being headstrong and powerful not the way Nickelodeon wants females to be represented? Are they afraid that a hardcore female role will get looked down on or is Nickelodeon just plain sexist? If it's the second one, I think the entire Nickelodeon staff needs to rewatch The Waterbending Master

I'm not sure what the case is with Nickelodeon, but whatever it is, they need to start acknowledging that Korra exists on their network, and give it the advertisements it deserves. I'm not badmouthing any other show or LOK at all, but the lack of advertising is just ridiculous. Korra deserves appreciation; we can all agree on that, right?

What ideas do you have for the lack of advertisements Nick could be giving to LOK? What do you think will happen as Korra's journey in Book 3 continues this upcoming Friday? Guess well find out when Korra returns on Friday and then whenever it comes back afterwards.

Also, leave in the comments telling me if you are a male and a fan of Legend of Korra. Sadly, I cannot be a part of this army, but that doesn't mean a female can't get an army of male fanboys to prove a quote wrong, am I right?

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