Hello fellow Avatards! Well, I've got some exciting news for you all! Korra fans in the Netherlands have been getting some Korra commercials with Book 3 clips! One person was generous enough to film the commercial! (And if you're from the Netherlands and tried to film it as well, thanks for trying!)

So, without further ado, I present to you the Book 3 trailer from the Netherlands!!!

Yes, there are some clips from Book 1 in the trailer, but the majority is from the upcoming season, which is very exciting!

We've got a clip of Korra going into the Avatar State, Korra bending water around vines that are constricting what looks to be like Mako and Bolin's apartment complex? Maybe that's why in those pictures of them sleeping else where, they were in a different building?

We got a clip of what looks to be an icy building for The Order of the White Lotus, and someone firebending then attacking one of the White Lotus members. We've got Korra airbending at 3 guys dressed in green, knocking one of them down. Um, Dai Lee anyone? Or maybe they're just some other form of bad guys, probably not a major threat.

In the next clip, it shows an automatic door opening for Korra. Cuts to a shirtless Tenzin airbending in a different outfit and accessories on his lower arms. Then, we see Korra talking to Tenzin, Jinora, Bolin, Asami, and Bumi who are behind her, coming out of what looks to be an airship.

Then we've got a dragon! And it's flying into the sunset! Dancing Dragon anyone? It looks like someone is riding the dragon. Zuko?

All joking aside, I think that it's awesome that the Netherlands was fortunate enough to get some clips from Book 3! Why was someone beating up the White Lotus member(s)? Why was Korra beating up those guys in green? And why was Tenzin shirtless? Guess we'll find out when Book 3 premieres!

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