Hello fellow Avatards! Well, it has been a couple months now since we've gotten a new episode of The Legend of Korra! How have we all been doing? We all excited for Book 3? Excited for The Rift: Part 1 anyone? Aside from The Rift, I'd actually like to talk about Book 3. We know that it will be called Change. Did anyone see that coming? Spirits itself was shocking, but Change isn't even an element or thing from the series. Or is it? We also know that it takes place a few weeks after the end of Book 2 and that it will be dealing with the change of the world now that spirits are able to enter the physical world humans can enter the Spirit World, hence the name of Book 3 being called Change.

Since Book 2 ended, Bryan Konietzko has been very generous about posting pictures from Book 3 (If you're reading this, Bryan: thank you! :D). All of these pictures can lead to any kind of speculations (or headcanons as other people would call it). Lets start with the first Book 3 picture!

Here we have a picture of Lin. She is just sweating buckets! She looks exhausted! She also looks very focused and deep into thought. We can also take note that she's not wearing her uniform; she's in a white tank top and appears to be at home. My only two conclusions here lead me to believe that she has just woken up from some nightmare or she may also be working out.

In this picture, we have Bolin, Pabu, Naga, and Oogi. They all appear to be looking at something that is offscreen in a surprising way. They are also outside, there are stairs to their right, you can tell that their is a building behind them. My guess is that someone might be boarding a plane (in that case, probably Asami), or they have found something that concerns the whole plot of the episode.

In this picture, we have Mako and Bolin. They are in pajamas (I can hear the fangirl screams) and are outside, at night, in fighting stances. There are other building around them, they appear to be staying (or even living maybe) in a fancy place. The two of them must've heard something while sleeping and are prepared to fight off whatever it is.

In this picture, we have yet again Mako and Bolin. They are in bed, it is night time, and Bolin is freaking out about something. He appears to be looking outside a window, and Mako is looking kinda irritated (as usual), probably wondering why his brother is screaming. I'm guessing that this picture has some relation with the previous picture. My only guess here is that Bolin sees someone or something happening outside, and the two of them are going to fight it off (which is where the previous picture comes in)

In this picture, we have Korra and Asami. The photo is in black and white, but as you can tell from the sky, and clouds, it is probably day time, and Asami is in a training-like outfit. Korra is in a fighting stance herself, and my only guess for this picture is that the things that Asami is wearing (what are they called? I don't do sports) Korra is using them as a punching bag. Either way, the girls seem to be getting along (as we were told they were in Book 3)

Aaaaaaaand *drum rolls* THE LATEST TWO PICTURES!

In these two pictures we have Asami! She's in her normal getup, we can't really tell where she is because of the big brown, metal-looking wall. She seems to be talking to someone offscreen. One thing about these two pictures is her facial expression changes (see what I did there? CHANGES? Oh, forget it) drastically. In the first picture, her eyebrow is up; she just looks so confused to the point where she almost looks disturbed. Then, in the second picture, she is smiling, but not a happy kind of smile; a devious one. She almost looks evil in the picture. She and whoever is offscreen are planning something, and she is so in and you can tell because of the expression in the second picture.

What are your ideas from these pictures? Is Lin having a nightmare? Are Mako and Bolin going to kick some butt? Are Asami and Korra going to become better friends? Guess we'll find out when Book 3 premieres!

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