Hello fellow Avatards! Well, if you haven't heard, it's been a great week for the LOK fandom! Book 3 production has been completed, we've gotten some major leaks for episodes 3-6 that I sadly can't give much talk about, and we have an A:TLA Legacy book coming out!

Due to all this info we've gotten, I'd like to take the time to give my hopefully insightful predictions for the upcoming season.

  • Despite the lack of relationship issues, (FINALLY!) there will be some subtle Makorra moments. Okay, so despite all that has happened in the last two seasons, I'm still a Makorra shipper. Yes, they have broken up, and yes it is for the better at this time, but that doesn't mean that there's not still going to be little moments between them that every other Makorra shipper won't fangirl/fanboy over. Like maybe a little friendship hug, or Mako helping Korra up. In addition to this, it's only been a few weeks since they've broken up, and I think that Mako will still have some feelings that he's going to have to hold back on. But seriously, Mako. Do. Not. Go. Back. To. Asami. Ever. Again.
  • The Earth Queen is going to be up to something. This has been a prediction for most likely everyone since the early updates of Book 3. Okay, so like I stated earlier, I can't give away any of the spoliers on here, but I can say that I have seen what she looks like and well, she looks and acts quite intimidating. Still not sure if she'll be the main antagonist or not, but she's pretty darn sketchy. I want our lovable Earth King back!
  • The Dai Le are going to be the little hog monkeys that they are. Sure they won't chatter like one, but I'm sure they'll show themselves a few times and it won't be pretty. Probably do a little brainwashing down in Lake Laogai and throw their signature earth hands. Although, there is no war anymore, let alone in the walls of Ba Sing Se. Here we are safe. Here, we are free.
  • Mako and Bolin parent stuff. We need answers for this! Yeah, we know they called killed, yada yada yada, but we need more background. I like Mako despite his terrible ways of handling relationships, but I have this strange desire to see Mako cry his eyes out about something. Just a tear will satisfy me. WHY WON'T YOU CRY MAKO? I want a little flashback too. It'll be both cute and tearjerking.
  • Asami and her background. "I lost my mother when I was very young." Can we see a flashback for her too? Like a cute mother/daughter moment. Or we could skip right to the break-in at the Sato mansion. Either works. Whatever the case, I think Asami needs a turn with the screentime and character development.
  • Jinora earns her airbending tattoos. I think it's safe to say that after her being the most hardcore airbaby ever from last season, she has earned the right to have her tattoos. All she has to do is create her own move right? I sure hope she's completed all the traditional moves. Just give her the tattoos, I don't care if she's get them a year younger than Aang!
  • Airbending will be further explored. Lets face it. Tenzin, the airbabies, and Korra are the only people that can airbend, right? Aang was the only PERSON in the original series that could airbend. Two seasons ago, airbending should've been further explored, and we instead had shipping wars and Amon pulling a Hitler against the benders. We need to get more in touch with this element. It's the most ignored element in the show and ironically the one that's most important. Can't breathe without air...
  • A:TLA flashbacks? Despite Korra losing connection to all her past lives, I still think a flashback from our original Gaang would be cool. Maybe the airbabies are looking through a photo album or a journal written by Katara with Tenzin and/or Pema and we get a little flashback. I miss the Gaang :(
  • Spirits. Spirits everywhere. Well now that Korra decided to let the spirits roam whereever the heck they please, I'm expecting some frienships/issues to form between them and humans. Maybe a Yue cameo?
  • Lin motherflameoing Beifong. Earth Kingdom trips? Will Lin tag along. From the beginning updates of Book 3, we've been told that we'd hear more about her background. Does this mean we'll see the father? Other possible family members?

That's about all I have. Do I regret spoiling myself? Eh, a little I guess. From what we've heard, this season is going to be a lot like our original series, so if I don't tearbend sometime during this season, I don't know what will trigger it in Book 4. Also, if you're interested in being spoiled, you can find the links to see some Korra stuff just about anywhere. Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, on TV when it premieres even though despite all this stuff getting leaked we still have no release date. What do you think about these leaks? What do you think we have ahead of us for this season? Guess we'll have to find out when Book 3 premieres!

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