Hello fellow Avatards! Well sadly we still have no release date yet, but recent news says that all the animation for Book 3 is complete and Studio Mir says the date will be released soon, so all is good! Aside from that news, the first two episode titles for Book 3 were recently leaked, and as quick as they got on the internet was as quick as they got taken down.

But not to worry! Screenshots have been taken to reveal that they are in fact the real titles of the episodes!

Episode 1 is titled A Breath of Fresh Air and Episode 2 is titled Rebirth.

Hmmm, these titles could reveal an awful lot of what this new season is going to be about. A breath of fresh air could translate to meaning change, which ironically is the title for Book 3 and guess is that it has something to do with the Avatar Cycle, even though Korra's connections to her past lives is no more.

For more info on this, check out this link:

What do you think these titles mean? Guess we'll have to find out when Book 3 premieres!

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