Hello fellow Avatar fans! As I've seen from many comments on this wiki, along with on YouTube and Tumblr comments, (Note: I don't have accounts on either of those sites) some people are liking the idea of Bolin being with Korra's cousin, Eska.

First off, I've never been a fan of this ship. I'm pretty sure every Makorra fan would agree with me on this. Basically its the same thing we figured out with Tenzin and Lin. Sokka can't be the father of Lin because that would've made Tenzin and Lin cousins when dating. If Korra and Mako were to get married, (PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN!) Bolin can't be with Eska because of Bolin being Mako's brother, he'd become related to Korra and since Eska is Korra's cousin. The only way they could be together is if they were to get married BEFORE Korra and Mako do, but that would crush the hearts of a LOT of Makorra fans...

But this really isn't about how a possible Makorra marriage could effect Boka or Eslin (I like Boka better), it's also the Northern Water Tribe customs. As we learned from the end of A:TLA season 1, when Yue turned 16, she had an arranged marriage with Hahn. Eska being the current princess of the Northern Tribe will probably have an arranged marriage with someone too. 

Personally, I don't even think Eska is the love interest for Bolin. I think it'll be one of his fangirls, someone he meets at the Southern Water Tribe Festival, or maybe the new female Fire Ferret we saw in the Season 2 animatics. Any other ideas?

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