Hello fellow Avatards! Well we've gotten a LOT of Korra news since Comic Con happened! Book 2 comes out in September, the first episode was shown (bad quality, but seeing the episode when it looks better is worth the wait), and we've learned the identity of the first avatar EVER! Avatar Wan!

But putting aside all the Comic Con news, Bryan Konietzko has decided to yet again post another picture from Book 2! In this picture, we've got Bolin and Asami dressed up outside the Probending Arena looking very sad.

Many different possibilities are running through my head. Future Industries could be in danger of getting back on top, an idea for Future Industries getting rejected, Varrick getting in some freak plane accident, anything!

Also, could this scene be going into a (dare I ask) relationship? (I can hear the Boasami fans screaming yes...and the Masami, Borra and Boka (or Eslin) fans screaming no). Personally, I don't think it's heading that way. Sorry Boasami shippers, I mean, yeah they wouldn't make a horrible couple, but lets face it; from what we've heard, Bolin seems to have eyes for Eska and Eska seems to return the feelings. And even though shippping is very fun, I think what's even cooler is what's down the road with Book 2!

Guess we'll find out what's happening in this scene soon!

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