Hello fellow Avatards! Well the wait is over for the second part of The Search trilogy and the hunt for Zuko and Azula's mom continues! I would've typed up a review days ago considering it was leaked, but I didn't want to give away anything too early or have my blog taken down due to all the information that goes into it. So yes, it was leaked, it's on youtube and I haven't found a good link to download it yet, but oh well, I've read it and here to review it! THERE ARE SPOILERS SO DON'T READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE SEARCH PART 2 YET! (Unless you for some reason want to...)

The comic starts with Azula having yet another hallucination about her mother (in a dream) and Ursa is telling her to go home because the throne is Zuko's and her destiny is somewhere else. Of course Azula, still being unstable, doesn't listen and threatens her and says the throne is her destiny because she has proof. When saying she has said proof, she wakes up and grabs ahold of Katara. Azula notices that Zuko isn't there and asks where he is. I like how Ursa's dialogue sounds like something Iroh would say. I really think Azula needs her mother more than ever, because if she kills her, it will destory her even more...sadly she's too unstable to realize that. Even if Ursa was just another figure of her subconscious, she's still right; the throne was never meant for her. If it was, she would be Firelord right now and she has a destiny that she still needs to find. Once again, she's too unstable to realize that.

Then we see Aang and Zuko at the edge of a cliff and Aang is reading the note Zuko took from Azula's boot. The two have a conversation about how it makes sense that that's why Ozai was able to banish him without a second thought and Zuko tells Aang that Ozai was planning to kill him, but Ursa somehow stopped him. Aang asks Zuko who the rightful firelord is if Ozai isn't his son and Azula shows up yelling at Zuko about how he took the letter because "Ursa told him to". Zuko is right. How else would Ozai be able to banish him? I know Ozai is heartless, (and a bunch of other words I will NOT use) but he would have never banished him if he WAS his son. He just would've probably made him do some harsh punishments and make him practice firebending techniques until he passed out...or something. Aang also has a good point; who is the rightful firelord? I still believe it belongs to Zuko (and of course we know he kept his rightful place on the throne because he ruled for 67 years), but lets say he didn't. It wouldn't have gone to Azula, especially now since she's insane, but maybe Iroh. It was meant to be his his whole life, but Ozai just HAD to take the throne and disrespect his father! Of course Iroh would just say "Destiny is a funny thing" but he would take it if it meant keeping the world in balance if Zuko gave it up...right?

Then we cut to a flashback where Azula burns a bush and Zuko tells on her to Ursa. Azula calls Zuko a tattletale and burns his butt (literally). Meanwhile, Ozai meets up with an archer, Vachir, of the Yuyan archers. Ozai
Ozai consumed by jealousy
commands Vachir to go to Hira'a and kill Ikem. First off, when it has come to watching all the episodes of Avatar at least hundreds of times, (at least that's what it feels like), Zuko Alone is probably been one of my least favorite episodes. I've found the episode itself a little boring, but between watching it when I got older and with these comics revealing more about what happened in the episode, I'm growing to like the episode more. And I just love little Zuko! "I don't understand why she has to be so mean." Because Zuko, Azula is heartless just like her father. Speaking of Ozai and him being heartless, he fired an archer to kill Ikem? I actually expected something like that from him. And why does it seem like in every story, whenever there's an archer, they're always so good at it? I mean this guy, Katniss, Merida (multiple other fictional characters)... We come back to the present where Azula is attacking Aang and Zuko and Zuko tells Aang to go check on the others. Azula demands Zuko to give the letter back to her even though she pins him down with her feet and gets the letter back herself. When she tries to make a run for it, Zuko grabs her leg and she falls down. Zuko asks Azula why their relationship has always had to be like this and Azula continues making sense at all. She says how Ursa's kept her from her destiny and keeps yelling at him about how Ursa told him to get the letter from her
Zuko had enough
boot. She questions why he didn't burn the letter when he had the chance, but he says that they need to stop fighting and work together. I like how Zuko always seems to let Aang go when it comes to his and Azula fighting. Zuko, your mad breakdancing skills are awesome and everything, but she just pinned you down. Has she gotten...better? Nah. I actually felt really bad for Zuko when he asked Azula why their relationship has always been the way its been. Poor Zuko had such a hard childhood. And Azula actually has a good point, why didn't he burn the letter? Lets just see how long these two can work together without fighting again...

The siblings make it back to the group who is trying to put out a fire that Azula caused. Zuko says that him and Aula have an understanding now and they get on Appa and fly to Hira'a. I've mentioned this a lot, but I just love Sokka so much! "Nature hates you" and "That's what you said when this whole thing started! Since then she's tried to kills us, like, TWELVE TIMES!" 12 times? Have you been keeping track, Sokka? I don't think nature exactly hates Azula, I think Azula just hates nature.

We go to another flashback of the Royal Fire Nation family having dinner and young Azula is telling Ozai about training and about how her trainer told her to do something the right way. She explains how she set his pants on fire and Ozai (instead of being upset by this) decides to send her trainer to the colonies. Zuko is displeased by this idea, but before he can finish, Ozai yells at him for lecturing his sister about firebending. He told Zuko that when he
Ozai reprimanding young Zuko
was born, he didn't know if he would be a firebender and was planning to send him away out of embarrasment for his first born to be a nonbender. He also explained how Azula never needed that luck. After dinner, Ursa confronts Ozai about what he said to Zuko, but Ozai was requested to speak with Vachir who couldn't find Ikem because he left Hira'a. It's not enough for Ozai and he tells him that he is not a good enough archer for the Yuyan. Ozai walks back inside and talks to Ursa alone about how she wasn't allowed to have any connection to Hira'a, but did so anyway. Ozai tells Ursa that Ikem is dead and she starts crying. I agree with Zuko. It's wrong to send someone to the colonies because of him being "a dummy". I feel like when he spoke at the dinner table and Ozai yelled at him, it was paralleling what happened when he spoke out of turn at the war meeting. Then Ozai said something that really caught my attention: "She was born lucky, you were lucky to be born" Takes me right back to what Zuko said to Aang in the season 1 finale. "She's a firebending prodigy and everyone adores her. My father said she was born lucky. He said I was lucky to be born. I don't need luck though. I don't want it. I've always had to stuggle and fight and that's made me strong. It's made me who I am."  Now that you read it coming out of Ozai with more dialogue, it's even worse. And how dare can't just tell someone their not good enough to be an archer. They wouldn't be part of the Yuyan archers if otherwise. And he doesn't even believe that Ikem is dead, so why would he tell Ursa something that he doesn't even know? Oh yeah, BECAUSE HE'S HEARTLESS!

We come back to the present where the Gaang has made it to Hira'a and have dressed up like Fire Nation people again. Even Zuko has to wear a hood. They make it to a play which Zuko recognizes it as the final scene from Love Amongst The Dragons. When the play is over, Zuko starts asking people about Ursa, when they meet a guy in a mask (the blue spirit mask to be exact) who's name is Noren. They go to his house where they meet his wife, Noriko and a little girl, Kiyi. Kiyi has a doll (that has the same name as her), and she asks Zuko if he wants to see
it. Noren comes back home and tells the Gaang all about Ursa and how she was famous member of the theater, but was taken away and that they've heard rumors about her marrying into the royal family (which is true). Then they talk about Ikem, they said he went to Forgetful Valley where anyone who enters never returns. The Gaang leaves the house and Aang apologizes to Zuko for blowing up at him earlier. Aang suggests to burn the letter, but Zuko says Azula took it back. Zuko continues on with who he's supposed to be. Aang tells him that when people come to Zuko they're not bowing to him, but what he represents and he's the firelord for all of us. Zuko decides to go to Forgetful Valley as their last place and hope for to find Ursa. I love how the Gaang is back in their Fire Nation clothes, but Katara's right, it was better when Aang had hair. And if you haven't noticed, I'm such a Sokka fangirl, but I have to admit...Zuko looks really cute in the hood. The second the play was shown I looked at the water spirit and was like THE BLUE SPIRIT MASK! I love how Noriko was talking to Aang and Katara and asked "But you two are a little young to be thinking about marriage, aren't you?" What does it matter? They got married! YEAH!!!! (Calm down inner fangirl) I was awwing the whole time Zuko was playing with Kiyi and her doll. That was honestly the cutest moment in this comic and we know he's gonna be a good father. I love how Sokka told Noren the Gaang is a group of Drama Historians! That is so perfect! And Aang is right. Zuko has to be firelord not for him, but for everyone. He is who he is right now. AND HOW DARE AZULA! "Aang and I are that happy." "Because you two are idiots". THAT IS SO MEAN WHDWIHEANEIGJFKNVRO! (Calm down inner fangirl).

We cut to another flashback from Zuko Alone where Azula is telling Zuko that Ozai is going to kill him (really, he is). Azula tells Ursa about how Ozai is going to kill Zuko. Ursa tries to talk Ozai out of it, saying she'll make him a deal because he wants the throne. Ursa knows how to make a poison to make people pass quietly. If she makes some for Ozai, he must spare Zuko's life and he can do whatever he wants with the poison. Ozai accepts on one condition: she must leave the capital without the children. Ursa makes the poison and says her goodbyes to the kids (well she kisses Azula on the cheek, but what she says to Zuko, we also see in Zuko Alone). We finally get to see what happened! Who would've guessed that Ursa knew how to make poison? Not me. Not only do we know what happened between scenes in Zuko Alone, but the plan to make Ozai firelord from The Day of Black Sun Part 2: The Eclipse. So, no brainer that Ozai used the poison the kill Azulon. How else would he have died RIGHT after Ursa left? Now all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together...

Back to the present, the Gaang has arrived to Forgetful Valley. Aang starts making weird faces again and Sokka points out that there are faces all over the valley. Aang goes after a flutter-bat he saw when he sees a huge pool of water. The pool of water reminds Aang of the one back at the Northern Water Tribe. Azula sees yet another hallucination of her mother telling her she's going the wrong way to find her destiny. Azula disturbs the water trying to destroy the hallucination and goes crazy again. Trying to calm Azula down, the Gaang has throwing stars thrown at them that are flowers. The flowers shatter on Sokka's club, and Katara figures out that someone is bending the water inside of them. The person bending the water in the flowers is also bending vines a
Rafa and Misu
t the Gaang. The two people reveal themselves, one has a wooden mask over his face. (You're going to get so tired of reading this) I just love Sokka and his sarcasm! "What'd I' tell you last time you did something like this? Oh yeah. NATURE HATES YOU." Of course Azula has to just ruin everything by disturbing the pool of clear, still water. And throwing star flowers? Genius! And Katara's "Whoever you are, you're not the only one who can waterbend! SHOW YOURSELF!" is epic!

We continue with the flashback of Ursa back at Hira'a where she goes to someone's house (her parents), but a little girl answers the door and said that they both passed away years ago. She then goes to a theater where she meets Noren. He offers to by her breakfast to which she accepts. Poor Ursa. Not only does she go back home without being able to see Ikem, but her parents are dead? She has no one to talk to that she used to see all the time. I'm glad Noren is being kind to her even though he has no clue who she really is. Funny how things work in this show...or comic.

We come back to the present where the woman, Misu, apologizes for attacking the Gaang. She says the pool must remain undisturbed and that there are three pools just like them. Misu tells a story of how her brother, Rafa would bring stolen things home because he wanted to prove he could do it. One day Misu found him alone on the ice and his face was disfigured. None of the healers could fix Rafa's face so Misu studied and found out that there's a spirit that has the power to give people new faces. Misu's mission was to bring Rafa to Forgetful Valley, but knowing it would be dangerous, she spent years in the valley learning how to fight. Sadly, they haven't encountered with the spirit yet. Rafa doesn't do much of anything anymore, but she helps him because he's her brother. Misu doesn't know anything about Ursa. The Gaang learns that the spirit they're looking for is a she. Why does it seem like Water Tribe stories are the saddest? Misa and Rafa, Sokka and Yue, Noatak and Tarrlok? Poor Rafa. I know he stole a lot and maybe he did deserve something, but not a disfigured face. The whole story itself sounds like a story you'd read to a little kid; short story and has a moral lesson: Karma. But this pair of siblings parallel Katara and Sokka and Zuko and Azula. Well at least it will parallel Zuko and Azula if they get any better. I hope Rafa feels lucky enough to have a sister like Misu. He'd be dead if it wasn't for her.

Aang decides to cross over to the Spirit World to ask the wolf spirit to come to the physical world. Azula decides to leave and try to find Ursa. Zuko tries to get Azula to turn back around, but Azula just says he'd rather gallivant with his friends than be Firelord. Then Azula goes crazy again, thinking the people they met is just another distraction to slow her down. She tries to strike a lightning bolt at them, but Zuko redirects it. Meanwhile, Aang is in the Spirit World and he meets with the flutterbat who takes him to see the wolf spirit. Aang tries to reason with the spirit, but it doesn't first. Aang grabs a hold of the spirit and it takes Aang to a place where someone asks Aang who he is. The person is revealed to be the mother of faces. Azula is really losing it. One minute she acts like her old, mean self, then she becomes crazy and accuses Zuko of not wanting to be the firelord. It's not that he doesn't want to, he's just not sure if he should be because he's not Ozai's son. Of course these spirits never want to listen to Aang at first, but at least this time, the wold spirit actually helps him. At the end, Aang meets up with the mother of faces. I love how there's this spirit who can give people new faces and then there's Koh, a spirit who steals faces.

Overall, The Search Part 2 was absolutely incredible! I look forward to reviewing the third and final part of this tilogy (even though it takes hours to type. I took little breaks in between, but I probably spent 4 hours typing this.) Anyone else miss Toph? I hope we see her in part 3. And what else could happen? Will Zuko and Azula find their mom? What other flashbacks will be revealed? Guess we'll have to find out when Part 3 is released!