Hello fellow Avatards! Well, the wait for Book 2 of Korra is only 3 days away! (OMG I'm dying!) and we have a new Book 2 trailer!,516207

First off, I almost started to tearbend, because oh my spirits [pun intended] this trailer has given me major feels!

Second, time for some in depth analysis! One of the first things that's new is Bolin looking at these creepy spirits saying "What are those?" to which Korra responds: "Dark spirits" We can obviously assume there's going to be a battle, sorta what we saw of that clip of Korra and Mako fighting the spirits.

Then we've got Korra riding on some sorta griffin (OH MY SPIRITS SHE'S RIDING ON A FREAKING GRFFIN! THIS SHOW IS AMAZING!) It looks like the Spirit World, perhaps this griffin (or dragon) is guiding her to a spiritual place kinda like how Hei Bei guided Aang to Koh maybe?

Then we got Unalaq talking to Korra about all the past Avatars live on inside her, which cuts to Tenzin and Korra meditating in front of an Avatar Yengchen statue. Looks like they're going to the Eastern Air Temple! WHOO!

Then we got this amazing clip of Avatar Wan saying he's the first Avatar ever and battling spirits! This is gonna be one awesome Avatar!

Next thing you know, we have Korra saying to Tenzin "I need you now more than ever" to which Tenzin responds "I won't let you down." YES! Korra has realized that she needs Tenzin! So glad to see these two get along again!

The next clip shows some black hole surrounding this part of land over a volcano (omg...Korra rode a dragon into the spirit she taking Jinora's love advice? I doubt it, but that would be a funny story..)

Then, you got these clips of a building on fire, and oh my spirits they have a fire department now! YES YES YES!!! The building looks like it could be the Pro-bending Arena, but also a building in one of the poles. You also have people running out of a building to be where it looks like the Northern Tribe. Guessing they're running away from a spirit attack.

Oh and then the SCARIEST scene in the entire trailer! Korra being attacked by a spirit while she's in the Avatar State and looking like she's been possessed....unless the spirit is possessing her!

Then, you got Korra saying (in an unfamiliar room): My family is going to be wiped out. And then it shows Tonraq getting wiped away by a spirit (perfectly fitting). I think (this'll be a 'duh' moment) when Korra says her family will be wiped out, she doesn't just mean her parents, uncle and cousins...she also means the members of the Northern and Southern tribes.

Then you got Unalaq (the sick, twisted guy I don't trust) saying: "All I ever wanted was to show you your destiny. I think this conversation is going along the lines of what Unalaq is doing to the spirits and Korra showing her dislike for what he's doing, causing her to go back to Tenzin as we know she does now in a pervious clip.

Then this next clip, Spirts, this next clip, you've got 3 Fire Nation people looking at Korra from down below, and this old Fire Nation woman says: Do you know who you are? to which Korra looks kinda upset and says "My name is Korra and I'm the Avatar. And then it shows her in the Avatar State as it cuts away. First of all, this Fire Nation woman looks a LOT like Azula. Could this be Azula meaning she's still alive? And as to why they are asking Korra who she is, there are many possibilities from something like them thinking she doesn't know to them questioning her role as the Avatar.

So tell me Korra fans, what are your thoughts on this new trailer? And who's excited for Book 2? ONLY 3. DAYS. LEFT.

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