Hello fellow Avatards! San Diego Comic-Con 2013 is just around the corner and I think we're all excited to find our more about season 2 of LOK. But lets not get into detail about comic-con just yet. ASN (AvatarSpirit.Net) did an interview with co creators of the show, Mike and Bryan!

They didn't reveal too much about Book 2, it's pretty much stuff we already know. They revealed that there will be one major flashback in book 2 and more details will be reavealed comic-con, Asami taking over Future Industries, and Bolin still doing Probending Also, if you didn't know how Amon was able to take people's bending away by bloodbending, they explained that too.

The last question in the interview was "The Million Dollar Question" as Bryan stated which was "Any guess to when the second book will air?" We obviously have no offical release date yet, but Bryan said they will annouce it soon. (And he also said it's better the word soon than later)

Here is the link to the interview:

So, with all this information, what do you think the major flashback is? My guess is either a flashback of the Gaang or when Mako and Bolin's parents died. Possibly when Asami's mother died. And what does soon mean? Could the release date be revealed at Comic-con? Guess we'll find out on July 19! :D

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