Hello fellow Avatards! Of course, we still have no release date yet for Legend of Korra, season 2. However, we have another picture from season 2, and that's better than nothing!

On we have a screenshot of Korra looking angry, or as Bryan said, "Korra, upset with someone off-screen, yet pleased with her new Book 2 shirt."

Oh you gotta love the show's creators....

Who is Korra upset with? My guess is either her uncle, Unalaq or a Spirit. Where is she? Either the Southern Tribe, Northern Tribe or the Spirit World. (Most likely the Northern Tribe, from how the background looks)

Could Korra's uncle actually be evil and being a spiritual mentor be a cover for him? Or could a spirit have done something to make Korra mad? Maybe she's just upset because someone ate the last cookie. Nah...

No matter what this situation is and who with and why, we'll just have to wait until Season 2: Spirits premieres, which will hopefully be soon.

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