Hello fellow Avatards! First off, Happy St. Patrick's Day, and if you don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Happy Sunday! Second, like I said on the last survey, I wanted to do A:TLA/LOK Surveys once a week, and so yes, this survey is from Tumblr again (I'll try not to make every survey I get from Tumblr) and I personally like this one better than the last survey. On with the survey!


A: Favorite Element? Water! 

B: Favorite Nation? Water Tribe! I love all the different kinds of ways you can waterbend! I even like bloodbending (as long as you use it for the right reasons, yeah, I'm talking to you Hama, Yakone, Tarrlok, and Amon!) 

C: Favorite Character?

  • A:TLA : SOKKA!!!!!!!!! <3
  • LoK : BOLIN!!!!! <3

D: Favorite Avatar? Crap! It's a tie between Aang & Korra! They're both so awesome! (I'm not choosing a fave, until AFTER Korra's show is over!)

E: Favorite Benders? (No particular order)


  • Aang
  • Toph
  • Katara
  • Zuko

LoK :

  • Korra
  • Mako
  • Bolin

F: Favorite Non-Bender? ATLA-Sokka!!!!!!! LoK-Asami and Pema

G: Favorite Episode? 

Top 5 A:TLA Episode

  • Ember Island Players
  • The Headband
  • The Cave of Two Lovers
  • The Fortune Teller
  • Sokka's Master

Top 3 LoK Episode

  • Out of the Past
  • Endgame
  • Skeleton's in the Closet

H: Who would win in a fight between Korra and Amon? KORRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She whoopbended Amon out that window!

I: Who would win in a Pro-Bending Match between Fire Ferrets and Wolfbats? Fire Ferrets! (as long as Tahno doesn't cheat) I wanna knock Tahno's stupid hair off his stupid head too Korra!

J: Favorite Gaang Member? SOKKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K: Least Favorite Gaang Member? Suki. I like her, but we really didn't get to know her all that well. 

L: Least Favorite Character? Ozai!!!!! We had little background about Ozai, he's just pure evil! As Katara would say, "There's just nothing inside you...nothing at all. You're pathetic and sad and empty."

M: Least Favorite Element? I don't have a least favorite, all the elements are awesome!

N: Avatar: The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra? Avatar : the Last Airbender. No doubt. I like Legend of Korra too, but it’s not as great as ATLA. But no matter how great Legend of Korra is, ATLA always be the winner to me. ATLA holds a very special place in my heart

O: Top Three Ships? Kataang, Makorra, and Yukka

P: Least Favorite Ships? Zutara, Zong, and Tahnorra

Q: Favorite Avatar-World Animals? A:TLA: Winged Lemur! Momo <3! LOK: Polar Bear Dog! NAGA!!!!!! <3

R: If you could change one thing about the Plot of the original series, what would it be?Have more background with Ozai. It would've been nice to see more on why he was the way he was. Other than that, the show is absolute perfection!

S: Have Beautiful Babies With / Marry / Banish - three characters.

  • Have beautiful babies with : SOKKA!!!! Our babies would be sarcastic meateaters! <3
  • Marry: Bolin! He's so sweet and deserves a girlfriend in the show. <3 (Good thing he's getting one in season 2...)
  • Banish: Ozai, Yakone, and Hiroshi - You are banished! If you set foot on my land you will be murdered! MAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

T: What do you think happened to Ursa? I don't know because IKKI RUINED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:( No, but seriously, I think she probably (Omg, I just realized the Seach Part 1 comes out in 3 days!) went in disguise and is living on a Fire Nation colony or maybe somewhere in the Earth Kingdom.

U: If you could have an Animal-Guide, what would it be? A flying bison, only because they can fly and we would get places faster....and they're just so cute! 

V: Northern Water Tribe, or Southern? Southern Tribe. The Northern Tribe has marriage customs and sexist policies. The Southern Tribe may have it less fortunate, but at least they're more close with one another :)

W: Favorite Air Temple? Western!!!! It's upside down! That just makes it cooler!!!! :D

X: Omashu, or Ba Sing Se? Omashu! I want use the mail delivery system as a slide! It looks like so much fun. Besides, Ba Sing Se is awesome, but "there is no war within the walls. Here we are safe. Here, we are free." (That's guys voice is creepy....)

Y: Who’s more of a bada**: Ozai, or Amon? Amon, that guy is mysterious, creepy, and unpredictable. He's a waaaaay better than Ozai because he's not mad with power and actually thinks through plans.He's crafty, Ozai could learn something from him if he was still alive... (HOW DARE YOU TAKE LIN's BENDING AWAY!) YOU'LL PAY FOR EVERYTHING AMON!!!!!!! Just kidding, I kinda liked Amon after I found out why he was the way he was. It was sad to see him along with Tarrlok die :( 

Z: Of all the quotes from Avatar: The Last Airbender, which one is your favorite? Actually I have a favorite line from my top 5 favorite characters.....

  • Aang: "Zuko! I think the past is trying to kill me!"
  • Katara: "Both, I'M COMPLETELY CALM!"
  • Sokka: "Friendly mushroom! Mushy giant friend!"
  • Toph: "It looks just like him to me!"
  • Zuko: "Why can't I do it! Instead of lightning it keeps exploding in my face! Like everything always does."

Well that's the end of the survey! What are your answers? 

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