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    Since the introduction of Amon in LoK 1.3 "Revelation" I have been wondering about the back ground of who is Amon. I believe it begins with the following question: What ever happen to Admiral Zhao after he was taken by the Koi Fish Spirit (Aang) while dueling Zuko on the icy bridge? Here's my take on why I think that Zhao is Amon reincarnated....

    Could it be that Zhao enters the spirit world and is to suffer the punishment of meeting Koh, the face stealer for killing the moon spirit? (look at the wiki and we know that one of Koh's faces is a Fire nation "soldier") I believe that Zhao's punishment is that, not only does his encounter with Koh goes unexpectantly wrong (for him anyway), but that Zhao is to wander through the spirit world "faceles…

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