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Avatar Tournament 3

Did you miss it? It's OK you can admit it. Avatar Tournament is back! In honor of LOK airing soon, NCAA Tournament final, Spring Break, baseball season starting, etc. I know I haven't met some of you new users. My name is 1stAvatar, former rollback user here on Avatar Wiki. I have made two previous tournaments, Azula winning the first, Aang winning the second. I am excited to continue this and I know users who have been apart of previous are too. Now for rules:

1. Only users with accounts can vote.

2. ARG clause, no changing your vote after you post it.

3. No hate-voting, please do not say "OMG I hate Katara so much so I won't vote for her"

4. Have fun

OK, with that the tourney starts soon. I hope to see you there.

Current faceoff!

Aang vs. Xin Fu

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