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    Avatar Tournament 3

    April 2, 2012 by 1stAvatar

    Did you miss it? It's OK you can admit it. Avatar Tournament is back! In honor of LOK airing soon, NCAA Tournament final, Spring Break, baseball season starting, etc. I know I haven't met some of you new users. My name is 1stAvatar, former rollback user here on Avatar Wiki. I have made two previous tournaments, Azula winning the first, Aang winning the second. I am excited to continue this and I know users who have been apart of previous are too. Now for rules:

    1. Only users with accounts can vote.

    2. ARG clause, no changing your vote after you post it.

    3. No hate-voting, please do not say "OMG I hate Katara so much so I won't vote for her"

    4. Have fun

    OK, with that the tourney starts soon. I hope to see you there.

    Current faceoff!

    Aang vs. Xin F…

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  • 1stAvatar

    Hello all. I am going to do a new Avatar Tournament. I know you all think I am back, but I'm not...yet. I'm going to use the same characters from the previous AT so we don't have to go through what we did before. There is only one more rule called the ARG clause, the ARG clause is that you can't change or delete your vote. The tourney will start tomorrow. Lets have fun.

    Current faceoff!


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  • 1stAvatar

    Avatar Tournament 2

    June 3, 2011 by 1stAvatar

    Hello all! The sequel is ready! LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE! The rules are all the same from the previous AT. I need you guys to give me 64 characters, but do you think you guys could give me more one episode characters? A few main characters will be okay, but I want some underdogs. The comes the fun part, you all know what to do. All my assisstants can finish a match if i'm not on and they are, but only I can start the faceoff. I think i've covered everything. Let's get out there!

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  • 1stAvatar

    Hello everyone. In case you didn't notice, I haven't been on much lately. But that's going to change today. My to-do list is really long, but i expect to finish it by June. My to-do list is: to make a new blog, continue writing my fanon, start contributing to the Fire Sages, to read people's fanons, and to start editing again. I have missed you all very much and am glad to be back.

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  • 1stAvatar

    First off, I would like to tell you I am back, wow all my inactivities are short, :P. My real reason I have called to all of you is that Vulmen just told me there has been a huge decrease in main editing lately, and has been replaced by blogs and comments. It also has turned into a chatroom instead of an editing wiki, this is good for the wiki, but it is mostly bad. Why you may ask? Before this wiki allowed comments, the only conversations people had were on IRC. I think we should do that again; we should still have comments, but not keep constant chatting, so tell me what you think.

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