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    The Space Sword!

    February 24, 2013 by 1 5 alkatraz

    I've always re-watched anime, especially things like avatar and death note, what never ceases to amaze me is what you discover you completely missed watching it the first time around. For example, my favorite episode of all time was the episode in which Sokka feels useless, and sets out to find a master. He visits the weapon store to find, possibly, a new iconic boomerang. The boomerang being his previous signature weapon, he had created moments of comic genius, i.e the first episode where his boomerang misses, only to come back and deal a sever injury to Zuko. Then later on when he takes down Sparky Sparky boom man!

    When he spies the sword, he instantly decides to train in the way of the sword. So he just happens to be in the town, where t…

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